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During the Quahog Gay Pride Day celebration, Brian Griffin(Roads to Vegas) wins tickets to Celine Dion in Las Vegas. As they prepare to travel, Stewie decides to try out his new teleporter machine. After Stewie's new teleportation device appears to have malfunctioned, he believes it failed to work. But instead, it created a duplicate set of Brian and Stewie. While one pair fly to Las Vegas, a duplicated pair find themselves transported as originally planned.

The flying pair find themselves in a crowded airplane while the second pair get to enjoy their trip. Checking in, their luck makes itself present immediately with Brian hitting a big jackpot. The second pair arrives and their room is already taken. Brian tries the slot machine and finds it is broken. As the first pair have the time of their lives, the second find themselves in a third-rate hotel. Trying their luck, they quickly lose all of the money they brought. Arriving at the show, the lucky pair get in while the unlucky pair find their tickets are denied after already being scanned. Brian is ready to go home but Stewie admits that he already gambled away their return tickets. Brian admits that he can't call for help after taking money from Lois. Using money they got from a loan shark, they bet on a basketball game and lose yet again. Intending to pick up their winnings, the lucky pair sitting nearby accidentally take the empty backpack from unlucky Stewie while the second pair gets one loaded with cash.

As the pairs go their separate ways, an enforcer for the loan shark catches up with the previously lucky pair to get the money back and they discover they have no cash left. The enforcer shoots Stewie in the head, killing him. The second pair worry about getting caught or endangering the family. Stewie suggests that perhaps they should kill themselves and Brian reluctantly agrees. They prepare to throw themselves off the top balcony of the hotel but Stewie chickens out as Brian falls to his death. Returning home the next day, the remaining Brian and Stewie bump into each other at the bus terminal. After sharing their versions of their stories, they head for home while the dead pair meet in Heaven.