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The Melter (real name Bruno Horgan) is a super-villain armed with two powerful melt rays which gave his name.

Physical appearance

His costume is of a creative design. he has two melt ray guns attached to his costume.


Bruno Horgan was a rival industrialist to Tony Stark. After his business went bankrupt, he decided to get revenge on Stark for overtaking his company. he created two melt rays at set out to be a professional super criminal. At a certain point of time, Melter was captured by Spider-Man.

He could be later seen on the Helicarrier monitor as S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Most Wanted supervillains list.


  • 103. "Doomed" (photo)
  • 105. "Flight of the Iron Spider"
  • 111. "Venomous" (cameo)