Bryony (Japanese: バラ Bara) is one of five Team Flare scientists in Pokémon X and Y.


In the past, Bryony, alongside Lysandre and the other Team Flare Scientists, would help those in need, until Lysandre became disillusioned with the human race and sought to restart the world.

Bryony made her anime debut in From A to Z!, where Xerosic sent her to retrieve the Zygarde Core that had escaped from Lysandre Labs. She was later seen cornering the Core, but the Core managed to summon its nearby Cells, allowing it to transform into its 10% Forme and counterattack, forcing Bryony and her assistant Grunts to retreat. She was later seen informing Celosia of what had happened.

She reappeared in Meeting at Terminus Cave!, teaming up with Celosia to retrieve Squishy in Terminus Cave. After a prolonged struggle, during which Team Rocket interfered as well, Team Flare was forced to retreat, as they were unable to defeat Ash's Greninja and Squishy had fled. In the next episode, she, along with Celosia and several Grunts, monitored sensors to find Squishy. Bryony and Celosia also ordered two Grunts to watch Ash and his friends. Later, the sensors caught energy waves coming from Squishy and Z2 and managed to determine Squishy's location. They, however, were unable to make it in time and lost sight of Squishy, as it had stopped emitting energy waves. Bryony and Celosia then ordered the pursuit squad to withdraw, as they thought Squishy probably wouldn't return to Ash and his friends, and decided to narrow their search.

Bryony appeared again in A Towering Takeover!, during Team Flare's attack on Lumiose City, where she was guarding the Prism Tower with Aliana. In the following episode, she and Bryony battled against some of Clemont's Pokémon and Blaziken Mask's Blaziken, but both ended up getting defeated and were captured by Clembot, allowing Clemont and Clembot to enter the Prism Tower.


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