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Burami (ブラミ, Burami) is a shinobi from Kusagakureand a teammate of Kazami and Muyami.


Burami has the mannerisms of a great glutton, as when all the other genin started a fight, he was only interested in shovelling food into his mouth, even if the melee had initially started with him getting pushed. At the same time, Burami is rather arrogant once entering battle, believing his skills outshine his teammates and claiming all cr for a group effort.


Burami is a large and obese man with two puffs of black hair towards the front of his head and the back shaved. He has small dark-coloured eyes and wears an open red vest and pants. He also seems to be barefooted. He wears two Kusagakure forehead protectors with two knots on each side, one being positioned normally and the other on the back of his head. He also carries six standard hip pouches on his backside.