The "Pretty Pretty Pegasus" is a children's animated series made for girls featuring pegasus characters like Butterbean. There is a king named Jellybean. Raven and even Robin are fans of the show. Pretty, Pretty Pegasus is the only thing that keeps Raven (Teen Titans Go!) sane in the Titans Tower. Starfire and Cyborg had to speak to Raven through the two characters to make her revert to normal after each spell she cast to fix something made her more and more evil.

Control Freak once stranded the Teen Titans in an episode of the series to teach them a lesson about friendship. While Raven was very happy to be there, the others jumped to use violence. Even Butterbean and Sparkleface were impressed violence quieted the noisy Unicorns. But it only awakened the evil Gumdrop Goblin. Raven convinced Butterbean to talk to the Unicorns. She instructed them to play from the heart. Music was generated to soothe the Goblin, but it wasn't enough. Raven hugged it and told him he was loved and valued. The Teen Titans were returned back to Jump City.

In season six, an episode revolved around Butterbean and Sparkleface saving King Jellybean, who had been frozen in cake frosting. The show became scary due to the influence of Honk after Beast Boy and Cyborg changed him with science. At Alfred's Toy Cave, several Pretty Pretty Pegasus dolls animated by Honk chased after children in the store.

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