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Gregor, officially known as CC-5576-39, was a clone of the bounty hunter Jango Fett raised on Kamino and specially trained to be a Clone Commando.

Armor and Equipment

Gregor was outfitted with battered, yellow-marked Clone Commando armor and a DC-17m blaster rifle. His helmet was adorned with tally marks of the amount of battles he participated in during the Clone Wars.

Missing in Action

Gregor originally served the Galactic Republic in command of the elite Foxtrot Group alongside the 212th Attack Battalion during the Clone Wars. In the ferocity of the Battle of Sarrish, he was reported as missing in action. Soon after, he became stranded on Abafar as a result of a shuttle crash with no memory of what had happened to him. In 20 BBY, he was discovered by D-Squad in Pons Ora, working as a regular dishwasher. The D-Squad helped Gregor remember his past and he agreed to help them on their mission. After recovering his armor and weapon from Borkus, the team made their way to a Separatist complex where Rhydonium was being loaded onto a Republic cargo shuttle as part of a plot to bomb the Republic strategy conference.

Gregor covered the D-Squad while they made their way to the shuttle, intending on meeting them there. When Colonel Gascon and M5-BZ were downed by an explosion, Gregor went back to retrieve them and held the droids off as they escaped. The Clone commando used the rhydonium canisters to defend against the numerous amounts of droids, causing most of the complex to be destroyed. While he was presumed dead, Gascon held hope for his return to the Republic.

Behind the Scenes

"Gregor" made his first appearance in the season five of The Clone Wars in the episode Missing in Action. Like all other clones on the show, he was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

The Aurebesh text of Gregor's databank file lists him as a Sergeant 1st Class. However, since Colonel Gascon identifies him as a Captain in the episode, this article assumes the latter rank is accurate.


"You were captain and part of an elite squad, a Clone Commando. The file says you were reported missing in action during...the Battle of Sarrish."

―Colonel Meebur Gascon informing Gregor of his forgotten past

"He's doing what a soldier does, sacrificing himself for the lives of others."

―Meebur Gascon, as D-Squad flees Abafar

"You made me remember who I am! I'll make my way home! I promise!"

―Gregor to Colonel Gascon


  • Missing in Action (First appearance)
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