Cancer (Earth-101001)


Cancer was the second member of Zodiac to be fought by Tony. Whilst attempting to retrieve plutonium that he had been framed for smuggling into the country, he encountered Cancer within the ship. The Zodiac Warrior promptly attacked. The two battled shortly, damaging the ship before Cancer was thrown into the ocean.

Cancer later reappears in an attempt to retake the plutonium from Nanami after she accidentally picked it up after crashing into other Zodiac Agents. This time however, he is quickly dispatched by Tony, having a hole blasted straight through him.

Later, near the end of episode six, two more copies of Cancer attack Tony as he returns home, catching him off guard. However, both are destroyed by the arrival of Ramon Zero.



Cancer Mechanical Body: Cancer's body came equipped with a pair of large claws that could be launched on retractable cables and a laser cannon stored in its mouth. It's outer shell could withstand direct shots from Tony's Repulsor fire without damage. He was also capable of sustained flight.

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