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Captain Deadwood is a pirate captain whose entire body was eaten by a whale. So he had to replace it with wood. The only thing he had left was his pinky finger until it was later taken by a seagull.


He first appeared in "Billy Ocean," where he helps Mandy and Grim free Billy from the whale. Later, he meets Pinocchio where it seems he's going to adopt him since they both are made of wood, but instead they go their separate ways.

He appeared again in "Beware of the Undertoad," where Grim helps replace his hand with Milkshakes (Billy's Cat) so he can help them dump the undertoad back into the ocean.


  • He is a parody of Captain Ahab from Moby Dick.
  • Captain Deadwood and Pinocchio shared a very similar story.
  • Captain Deadwood is presumably dead because for show and tell, Pud'n brought his peg leg and tells his story.
    • This is contradicted by his appearance in Beware of the Undertoad.
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