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Carlos is a ruthless man residing in Mexico who was engaged to Sonia Conchita Hernández.


Teen Titans Go! 

  • 105b. "La Larva de Amor"


  • Carlos is a parody of antagonists in Spanish Soap Operas.
  • Batman appears on a torn photo in Carlos' dungeon.
  • Batman's cowl can be seen in the crowd outside the night club.
  • Bane (Original Luchador likeness) can be seen on a partly obscured poster in Carlos' dungeon.
  • When Silkie rolls underground after rolling into a ball pit, he passes the tomb of Ra's al Ghul.
  • Two Batman masks and Batman jars, Catwoman's likeness on a pair of cat statues can be seen beside the tomb of Ra's al Ghul.


  1. Larva-M3-19(Silkie) vs. Carlos