Carmine Falcone

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Carmine Falcone is a major crime boss in Gotham City and runs the Falcone Crime Family. He is involved in almost every form of illegal activity, including kidnapping, smuggling, and racketeering. He was the subject of Batman's first case. He staked out the family 24 hours, 7 days until finally he took Falcone down during a meeting with the heads of his various criminal enterprises at the Falcone Family Warehouse. Years later, Chronos determined this incident was a chance to kill Batman once and for all. After taking a time portal to the night of the meeting, Chronos warned Falcone of a "nutjob in a bat costume." Falcone was skeptical of one nutjob warning of another nutjob but took precautions anyway. Falcone's men ambushed Batman. As they drew their guns and fired, time was slowed down immensely by Time Bombs dropped by Chronos overhead when Blue Beetle forced him to. Beetle saved the younger Batman's life and repositioned the bullets and guns at the ceiling.

When the bombs wore off, he took out the light and made short work of the crew. Batman noticed something was wrong. Falcone was missing. He slipped outside during the scuffle. Batman cut him off and punched him out. The younger Batman caught up and found the unconscious Falcone.

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