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Carrie is one of Olympia's many apprentices, noted in particular for being extremely reckless and eager to jump to conclusions. During one of their meditation sessions, Olympia had a vision of an impending disaster that would affect the Kalos region, and revealed that Ash, his friends and Professor Sycamore would be involved. This led to Carrie believing that the people Olympia identified posed a threat to Anistar City and Kalos. When Sycamore arrived in town to study the sundial, she attacked him and destroyed his scientific equipment, demanding that he leave. Shortly after, Ash arrived on the scene, and Carrie went on to attack him as well. Ash defeated her Pokémon in short order, and before Carrie could continue her assault, Olympia and Charlene arrived to stop her. Carrie was then made by her superiors to apologize to Ash's group. While Olympia was talking to the group, she asked Charlene if Ash and his friends are the ones who brought danger to Kalos. Charlene informed her that Olympia never said they would bring danger to everyone in Kalos, for she said that they would be trapped within the vortex of the disaster. This led Carrie to realize her mistakes and felt remorseful about her actions.

In All Eyes on the Future!, Carrie watched the Gym Battle between Ash and Olympia. After Ash won, she, Olympia, Charlene, and some other Psychics walked up to Ash while Ash was given the Psychic Badge.


When Olympia predicts the future and shows footage of it, Carrie would often get into a bad habit of assuming that the people in the footage were causing a disaster instead of the fact that they were involved in one.

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