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Casey Jones is a TMNT character that first appeared in the second season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is a young vigilante that constantly wears a hockey mask and wields several hockey sticks. He is also a high school student in April's grade, who got held back. 


Fighting Skills: Casey will use his hockey sticks as his weapons against his enemies. He was told by Raph that he fights well but reckless. He mostly counts on his weapons then his own hands and feet.

Strength: Don't let Casey's skinny body fool you, Casey's all muscle. He was shown to knock out one of the Rat King's Giant Rats with his bare fist!

Endurance and Stamina:His stamina is pretty high for a human as he can run and fight for an agreeable period of time.

Intelligence and Inventor: Casey seems to know all the strengths to master his enemies' moves. Casey can also create spectacular gizmos that are just as near as Donatello's.

Speed: He can run faster than an average athlete, but he can move munch faster to be wearing rolling skates.

Hokey Player: He shown to be skilled hockey player able to ice skate very well and he can hit puck with great accuracy.

Driving Skills: His driving skills are very well even can drive with no problem to use the new upgrade car that has incredible speed.


  • Goalie Mask (painted like a skull)
  • Face Paint (also painted like a skull)
  • Hockey Glove
  • Hockey Blocker Glove - with nails
  • Homemade Taser - potato masher rigged with 9volt batteries on a drawer track with springs
  • Padlock of Doom - lock tied up to a handkerchief
  • Bunch of Keys
  • Custom Sheaths - belts and duck tape
  • Spray Cans (paint grenades)
  • Baseball Bat - wooden
  • Hockey Sticks - also wooden one is a goalie stick the other is a regular stick
  • Custom Skates
  • Spiky Pads
  • Cricket Bat
  • Nut Cup
  • Cricket Bat
  • Pipe
  • Hockey pucks
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