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Nicholas and Cassandra Dawson of Hilton Head, South Carolina are Francine's birth parents. When Stan gets tired of Francine's adopted parents Mah Mah Ling and Bah Bah Ling taking over his house when they visit in "Big Trouble in Little Langley", he goes to the Langley Adoption Agency to search out her birth parents and locates them. At first they are everything Stan could wish for, but he soon finds out how shallow they are, abandoning Francine at an early age rather than giving up their first-class plane ticket since children were not allowed to be in first class at that time; and leaving Stan trapped in his burning house rather than helping him. Put off by their attitude, Stan decides not to reunite them with Francine and encourages her to make up with her adopted parents. They leave without meeting her.

They also appear at Stan and Francine's vow renewal at Pizza Overlord in "Shallow Vows".

Nicholas and Cassandra Dawson are voiced by Jeff Perry and Holland Taylor.