Dragon ball super episode 115

Like a human Gravitron, the mighty Cesaro seizes hold of his opponent’s feet, leans back and, when momentum lifts his foe off the ground, starts swinging. And he keeps swinging. And swinging. And swinging and swinging and swinging.

That’s the gist of what’s come to be known as the Cesaro Swing, a throwback tactic so stupendous the WWE Universe cheers for it even though The Real American tends to lean towards villainy. In this regard, though, he has certainly given (we) the people reason to cheer. He swung Titus O’Neil so many times you half-expected a carny to materialize in the ring and charge “The Big Deal” for a ticket. Another Cesaro Swing, against Los Matadores at Hell in a Cell, seemed to peter out before he let out an animal yowl and picked it back up for another round of rotations. And, you know, there was that one time he swung the freaking Great Khali. It’s so money and he totally knows it. — A.B.

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