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Charlene is one of Olympia's many apprentices, and appears to be of a higher rank compared to all of them, assisting Olympia with leading her meditation sessions. She, along with other apprentices present, witnessed Olympia have a vision of an impending crisis in Kalos, involving Ash, his friends and Professor Sycamore.

Shortly after another apprentice, Carrie, attacked Ash's group, Charlene joined Olympia in stopping her. Charlene scolded Carrie for her recklessness, pointing out that it was not the first time Carrie had jumped to incorrect conclusions from Olympia's visions. While Olympia was talking to the group, Carrie asked her if Ash and his friends were the ones who had brought danger to Kalos. Charlene informed her that Olympia never said they would bring danger to everyone in Kalos, for she said that they would be trapped within the vortex of the disaster. Charlene later joined the group to witness Team Rocket attempting to steal Anistar City's sundial, worried about the damage they would inflict.

In All Eyes on the Future!, Charlene judged the Gym Battle with Ash and Olympia.


Charlene is a good co-leader to the other Psychics as she was seen leading the meditation sessions. However, Charlene did not appreciate Carrie's recklessness as she noted that it was becoming a bad habit and it wasn't the first time it happened.