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Mr. Charles Goodshow (Japanese: タマランゼ会長 President Tamaranze) is the current president of the Pokémon League, the duties of which include presiding over each region's League Conference.


Mr. Goodshow has made several appearances in the Pokémon anime. In his first appearance in All Fired Up!, he watched the Moltres flame to make sure no harm would come to it. When Ash ran into the flame and tried to run with it, Officer Jenny tried to stop him, saying he looked like a troublemaker. However, Mr. Goodshow stepped in and defended Ash while also informing Officer Jenny that how a person looked on the outside wasn't as important as who they were on the inside. So, Ash was allowed to run with the flame.

Mr. Goodshow also appeared during the Johto and Hoenn League opening ceremonies. In Like a Meowth to a Flame, during the opening of the Ever Grande Tournament, Team Rocket had stolen the flame and were flying away with it, Mr. Goodshow was confident that Ash would get the flame back, and sure enough, using his Glalie, Ash safely returned the flame.

Mr. Goodshow also had a cameo appearance during Ash and Gary's battle in Can't Beat the Heat. In At the End of the Fray, he makes another cameo to present Tyson with the winner's trophy.

Mr. Goodshow showed up in the Sinnoh League Lily of the Valley Conference and was seen viewing the opening ceremony with Cynthia in An Old Family Blend!. Throughout the episodes featuring the conference, he was present watching battles with Cynthia.


  • His Japanese name is based on that of the President of the International Olympic Committee at the time of the initial airing of the Indigo Plateau Conference, Juan Antonio Samaranch. This furthers the link between each league conference and the real-world Olympic Games.
  • Mr. Goodshow does not make any speaking appearances during the Lily of the Valley Conference, nor does he have any interaction with Ash and his friends as he did during the three previous league tournaments.
    • Additionally, he made no appearance at all during the Vertress Conference.
  • During the Ever Grande Conference, Ash and his friends refer to Mr. Goodshow as professor rather than president.
  • Ash asks Mr. Goodshow if he is Santa Claus, despite having already met Santa in Holiday Hi-Jynx.

Officer Jennies

  1. Officer Jenny of Celadon City
  2. Officer Jenny of Cerulean City
  3. Officer Jenny of Saffron City
  4. Officer Jenny of Viridian City
  5. Officer Jenny of Viridian City 2

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