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In "Garfield and Friends", Stan takes Hayley to the James Garfield Historical Museum for President's Day in order to learn history. She is bored on the tour, which includes an introduction to Guiteau who was obsessed with Garfield and also kept a jar of his toenail clippings. After Stan tries to bring Garfield back to live through CIA regenesis cloning, he would rather spend time with Hayley than to teach her so Stan sets out to send him back to his original protein state.

Hayley clones Guiteau from the toenail given as a souvenir on the tour to help her track them down after Garfield escapes from Stan. He leads her to the SodaCorp. orange soda factory where Garfield is indulging himself just as Stan arrives, although he is impressed that she recalled the assassin. Guiteau wiggles free, leaping to his death after Garfield, but leaving Hayley hanging on for her life to avoid the same fate.