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Charmaine (Japanese: アンジュ Anju) is the character of the day in The Apple Corp.

Charmaine owns her own apple orchard. At the time, someone had been eating her apples. She thought that Ash's Pikachu was the culprit after she saw him holding one, and a because there was a bunch of apples at his feet. Pikachu insisted that he did not do anything. He was soon proven to be innocent after Ash compared the bite marks in the apples to Pikachu's teeth. They were much too small to be Pikachu's.

Charmaine apologized to them and gave them a tour of her apple orchard. She had a series of noise makers tied from tree to tree so that she would hear it if anyone tried to steal her apples. However, to that point it hadn't helped much, as apples were still stolen. They all soon discovered that a group of Pichu were stealing the apples. Charmaine did hear on the news that the fruits in the forests were low that year and thus the Pichu didn't have much to eat. So she happily offered them some more apples.

Ash then had the idea of the Pichu working for Charmaine in helping to keep Flying-type Pokémon from eating the apples in return for apples. Pikachu also taught the Pichu to gather apples so it would be less work for Charmaine. In the end, Charmaine decided to go with Ash's plan and kept all the Pichu in her orchard.


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