Cherry (Japanese: チェリー Cherry) was the character of the day in The Psychic Sidekicks. Her ultimate goal is to become a Psychic Pokémon Master. To prove her worth, she challenged Ash to a battle. Unfortunately, Pikachu caused her Girafarig to become paralyzed, and it fainted. However, Cherry was still determined to pursue her dream. Not long afterwards, Team Rocket appeared, using a giant mechanical Gengar to swallow all the Psychic Pokémon in Len Town. Using her Girafarig's Future Sight, Cherry was able to see what moves Team Rocket was going to use. This allowed Ash to free the stolen Pokémon. Girafarig's Future Sight finished Team Rocket off. Ash and his friends congratulated her on her victory. Cherry vowed that she and Girafarig would not give up on become the greatest Psychic Pokémon Trainer and team.

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