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Chien-Po is the largest, in both height and size, of the trio. However, he is also very gentle and seems to care a great deal about food. He wears a blue uniform. Some of his character appears to have been taken from Buddhist imagery. At times, he seems to demonstrate super-human strength.

When Yao is about to fight Mulan when they first met, Po successfully calms him down with a relaxing chant, but this did not last long because Mushu insulted Yao when he is about to leave Mulan alone. After the camp turns on 'Ping', Chien-Po is the only one of the trio to not try to make life difficult for Mulan, although at no point during the sequence does he show her any support.

By the end of the movie, he willingly and readily follows Mulan's directions. All in all, showing his passiveness.

In the second film, he wears green and falls in love with Princess Su. They bond over their shared love of food.