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Chikara-Shisho is a member of the Ninja Tribunal and the ninjutsumaster of strength. She is the only female in the Tribunal. When she's not using her outrageous strength in battle, her favorite weapon is the kanabo. She is prominently appeared during the fifth season of the 2003 animated series training the acolytes to fight against the Shredder.

Chikara also appears in the Fast Forward episode The Journal and once more in Back to the Sewer during the wedding of Casey Jones and April O'Neil.


Strength of body when combined with strength of mind and spirit can move mountains. Alone, however, the body shatters against rock like a brittle twig. Michelangelo son of Splinter Son Stand. Now strike me with all of your Strength. The body alone shatters against rock. These stone onai are powerful and near impervious. To defeat them will take more than mere muscle. It is time to see if you can use what I have taught you. Focus on your inner strength. I said inner strength! No weapons.

Hold! The lesson ends. Raphael, tora yoshida, donatello, joy renard -- you have all done well. The rest of you, your focus and discipline are poor. You would do well to meditate on your utter failure here.

Training Episodes

  1. More Worlds than One