Chikorita is a member of Team Go-Getters.


Chikorita came to the rescue team base with Charmander to meet Squirtle, who claimed he was a human. Chikorita thought Squirtle was funny, but took him with herself to the village, where they were introduced as Team Go-Getters. The Whiscash elder sent them to find Pichu's brother, Pikachu, and rescue him. Before going to the mission, Chikorita proposed buying some stuff from Kecleon brothers, but the brothers had no items left to trade, for someone bought it before them. Soon, Team Meanies came and attacked them, leaving Team Go-Getters with two Oran Berries. However, Aunt Kangaskhan gave them some scarves for the mission.

The team went in and found Pichu, who went in to find Pikachu by himself, but was scared off by Team Meanies. Later on, Team Go-Getters found Team Meanies, who were attacked by Skarmory. After Squirtle fed them with Oran Berries, Team Go-Getters encountered Skarmory. Chikorita used Razor Leaf, but missed and got herself hit by Skarmory's attacks. Chikorita attempted to use the Corsola twig, but failed. Fortunately, Squirtle managed to hit Skarmory with the Corsola twig and Chikorita, along with Charmander and Squirtle, defeated Skarmory with a combined attack. Pikachu and Pichu were saved, while Chikorita remained as a member in Team Go-Getters.

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