Chopper (Japanese: マサ Masa) is a character of the day in the episode The Bridge Bike Gang. He is a member of a gang who have claimed Cycling Road as their territory. They battle Trainers who are traveling across the bridge. Chopper entered into a battle with Ash, and while his Golem was able to defeat his Bulbasaur, it was defeated by Ash's Charmander. After the battle, Ash and his friends continued across the bridge to Sunnytown, attempting to deliver medicine to a sick Shellder. However, Chopper and the other bikers stopped them, wanting to battle. When Ash declined, saying he was trying to deliver medicine to a sick Pokémon, Chopper was impressed that Ash would brave dangerous weather to help a Pokémon. He and the other bikers escorted the kids to the Pokémon Center. Chopper, impressed with Ash's bravery, announced that the gang would dub him "Awesome Ash." Chopper and Tyra, another biker, are old friends of Jessie and James, as they were once part of the bike gang.

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