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Real Identity: Not Applicable Appearances: Time Out Powers/Skills: Time Ingestion, Age Manipulation, Time Travel, and Enhanced Strength Voiced By: Not Applicable 

The Chronovore is a species of lumbering tentacled beasts that feed on time energy, resulting in time fissures that disrupt the balance of the space time continuum. Anyone or anything that comes into contact with a Chronovore will age rapidly, 100 years in a few seconds. The Chronovores store the time energy they eat in a crystal located inside their belly. Removing it from its place, undos the damage caused and resets the timeline back to the point before the fissure was created. Booster Gold encountered and defeated several after he started monitoring the timestream for any threats. Amid the conclusion of a battle between H.I.V.E. and the Justice League, a larger-than-normal Chronovore fed and created a time fissure. Booster Gold was protected from the effects of the fissure by his temporal bubble as well as Batman who happened to be reading Booster the riot act for failing to help in the mission. Booster Gold took Batman to his headquarters, the Vanishing Point, and identified the probelm as the Chronovore.

Booster equipped Batman with devices worn over the knuckles that deliver a painful electric charge and allows them to make contact with the Chronovore without every molecule of their chronology disintegrating. They jumped six hours into the past right before the battle with H.I.V.E. and found the Chronovore. It grabbed Booster and aged him. Batman was able to sever its tentacles with two exploding Batarangs. Booster returned to his normal age and they resumed their offensive. After the Chronovore grabbed a truck, Batman detonated it with a Batarang. It crashed into a building then landed headfirst into the street. Batman solicited Booster's advice on what to do. They tried to work in tandem and locked arms. Booster hurled Batman at the Chronovore and he clocked it twice but it wasn't enough. Booster realized he was fighting at half strength because of Batman's presence and pushed him out of the timestream. At full power, Booster flew into the Chronovore's belly. As he waded around, he aged, but sighted the crystal. He reached with all his remaining strength and grabbed it. After a surge of energy, Booster found himself back to the moment when Batman chewed him out for failing to aid him against H.I.V.E. Master and his soldiers.