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Chymia (Japanese: キミア Chymia) is a character in the third XY series movie, Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel. She is the princess of the Azoth Kingdom, Rali's sister, and a descendant of Magearna's creator Nikola.


Chymia is first seen in the movie using her own flying device to observe Volcanion after being informed of its presence by her personal assistant, Flamel. She later questions Rali about what he and Alva are up to.

Later, when Ash, his friends and Magearna are attacked by Team Rocket, Chymia appears with her own shiny Mega Gardevoir to defeat Team Rocket. Afterwards, Chymia informs the group that while Rali trusts in Alva she does not and suspects Alva holds an ulterior motive. They then use Chymia's airship to reach Nebel Plateau.

After Magearna is captured, Chymia, Ash, his friends and Volcanion head back to Azoth kingdom using Chymia's airship. As they near the kingdom, Flamel contacts Chymia and informs her that Alva intends to use the Soul-Heart to activate the hidden mechanisms within the castle. Upon reaching the flying fortress, the group head to the control room to confront Alva but get trapped by his torture traps.

After Alva is defeated, the group evacuate the flying fortress using Chymia's airship in order to allow Volcanion to destroy the falling fortress.

At the end of the movie, Chymia and Rali return to Azoth kingdom with Ash and his friends. Later, Chymia and Gardevoir discover Alva tangled in the wreckage of his flightpack in a tree. She arrests him using the magnetic bands used on Volcanion and Ash, keeping him from fleeing even though he attempts to. Chymia also watches Rali leave on his own journey.


Throughout the movie, Chymia is concerned for Rali's involvement with Alva's plan since she does not trust in Alva. She is also highly active and utilizes a number of machines to travel around.