Cleavon Schpielbunk (Japanese: ヒート南野 Heat Minamino) is a recurring character in the Pokémon anime who appeared in Lights, Camera, Quacktion and Go West, Young Meowth.

Schpielbunk, the winner of the Golden Growlithe Award at the Flea Collar Film Festival, was a famous director, directing famous movies like I Saw What You Ate Last Tuesday. He showed up shortly before Ash entered the Pokémon League to film a movie near Pallet Town. The movie, entitledPokémon in Love, (which was very similar to William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet) was about a Wigglytuff and a Psyduck falling in love with each other. Misty's Psyduck was chosen to play the role of the Psyduck in the movie.

Schpielbunk appeared in the following episode at the movie's premiere. Much to his dismay, Ash and his friends didn't enjoy the movie, mostly because of the fact that they weren't in it. Schpielbunk claimed that since it was a Pokémon movie, he had to cut out all of the human roles. He also added that he couldn't get anyone famous to show up for the premiere.

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