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Colonel Hansen (Japanese: ハンゾウ Hanzō) is a crooked Mirage Kingdom official with one evil plan in mind: to take over the Mirage Kingdom.

In The Princess and the Togepi and A Togepi Mirage!, he enlists the help from Team Rocket agents JessieJames and Meowth to kidnap Togepi from Misty. After he was crowned and after sending the King and Queen to the dungeon, it didn't take long for Hansen to relieve Team Rocket from their duties and send them blasting off. Hansen is an impure-hearted man, and due to this, his ruling of the Mirage Kingdom would destroy the Togepi Paradise.

At that point, he thought he had won, until his plans were interfered by Ash, Misty, MayMaxBrock, Miranda and Sara, the Mirage Kingdom Princess, and Togepi, who had evolved into Togetic. Jessie, James and Meowth, after being betrayed by Hansen, decided to get back at Hansen and covertly helped Ash and his friends on their mission to dethrone Hansen. Even with the help from his Pokémon, Hansen ended up losing to the heroes, being dethroned, and put into the dungeon.