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The Conch King (貝螺王, Baira Ō) was a summon of Kandachi who used its abilities with hand seals. The Conch King and Kandachi were defeated by Naruto Uzumaki's Big Ball Rasengan.


The Conch King was a very strong summon, as even a Sannin like Jiraiya had problems to subdue it. By the command of his master Kandachi, it could shoot spikes at several enemies at once or could use his tongues like whips to restrain or kill the opponent. It could also use a unique genjutsu, in which the enemy is frozen and unable to move. This technique was strong enough to render a Sannin powerless. Blowing air out of his lower body, it could hover.


  • The Conch King might have been inspired by the sazae-oni of Japanese folklore.
  • Despite being called "Conch King", this creature is made of three parts, only its tail end resembling a conch while the other two segments resembled those of an oyster and a Giant Clam respectively.