Gotenks die die missile by strunton-daknxns.gif

Continuous Die Die Missile (連続死ね死ねミサイル) is a technique where Gotenks shoots a barrage of yellow colored ki blasts at his opponent.


It is his version of the Continuous Energy Bullet, but each blast is more powerful than a normal blast. Aside from its increased potency, the extreme rapid fire makes it hard to miss.

Gotenks uses this technique against Super Buu outside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber: Gotenks continuously fires the Die Die Missiles until Piccolo tells him to stop as it can destroy the Dragon Balls if one is near their location, after this, Gotenks does not notice Super Buu regenerates behind him and he therefore gets hit by him from behind. Gotenks later uses this technique against the first form of Hirudegarn, without succeeding in doing any real damage to the demon as Hirudegarn simply uses a cocoon to block the blasts and transforms into his final form.

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