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The Future Warrior (未来戦士) is a custom character and main protagonist in the video game Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2.


In the trailer Future Warrior is a blue haired young Saiyan male who is seen wearing a black and white jacket. He also wears blue colored pants and maroon colored shoes, along with a Scouter similar to the one worn by Tagoma.

Like the Future Warrior from Dragon Ball Xenoverse, his appearance, race, and gender can be selected by the player in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.



The Future Warrior was one of the many beginner Time Patrollers. Each time, the Supreme Kai of Time and Elder Kai pick one to be an official Time Patroler, if they could pass the test that is. But until then, it was small time trip after small time trip.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 

Becoming an official Time Patroller 

One day, while snooping on Age 779, he got a call to be and official Time Patroller after passing the test. Excited for the new job, he rushed immediately to Conton City. There, he met the Supreme Kai of Time, who told him to find Old Kai for his mission. After asking some people around, he finally reached Old Kai, who sent him on a mission in Age 761.

Saiyan Saga 

On his trip to Age 761, he assisted Goku and Piccolo in a fight against Raditz, who was mysteriously powered up by a mysterious source. He successfully helped Goku weaken Raditz, prompting Piccolo to deliver the final technique, restoring the timeline. The Future Warrior made it back to Age 852, in which Old Kai congratulated him, though warning him that this job will get harder. The Supreme Kai of Time appears, and leads the Future Warrior back to Conton City, showing him the large hologram of the previous Future Warrior.

Back in the Time Nest, there is another problem in history, so the Future Warrior visits Age 762, during the battle with the Z-Fighters and Nappa & Vegeta. While Nappa is mysteriously powered-up, the Future Warrior helps Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, and Gohan fight him. The Z-Fighters begin to sense Goku is arriving, but also sense another unknown evil person approaching him. Old Kai orders the Future Warrior to check on Goku, and it is revealed he is being held back by Turles, who has no place in this current part in history. Turles attempts to recruit the Future Warrior, but fails. Both Goku and the Future Warrior fight Turles while Time Patrol Trunks tells the Future Warrior that his partner, the previous Future Warrior, is en route to their location. When he arrives, Turles retreats, and the previous Future Warrior goes after him. Goku thanks the Future Warrior, and they both return to the battlefield, where Gohan and Krillin are the only two Z-Fighters left standing. While Goku fights Vegeta, the Future Warrior fights Nappa.

The Future Warrior fights Nappa back, while Goku lands a serious blow to Vegeta, who grows angry and prepares to use his Galick Gun. Goku collides with his Kaio-ken Kamehameha, while Nappa fires a Bomber DXat the Future Warrior. The Future Warrior blocks the attack and defeats Nappa with his own energy wave, while Goku uses his Kaio-ken x4 Kamehameha, which overpowers Vegeta's Galick Gun. With him and his partner both cornered, Vegeta creates a Power Ball, and he and Nappa both transform into Great Apes while they are mysteriously powered-up. The Supreme Kai of Time comments that Turles slowing Goku down caused a lot of trouble as Nappa was not originally supposed to transform. When Nappa is defeated, the Future Warrior helps Goku fight Great Ape Vegeta, and Krillin and Gohan eventually return to help them. When Vegeta is defeated and his tail is cut off, he calls on his Attack Ball to retreat as Krillin weakly approaches him. The Future Warrior stops Krillin from finishing off Vegeta, and Goku telepathically tells Krillin to let him go so that Goku can fight him again one day. With history intact, the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest.

Frieza Saga 

Frieza, with a mysterious aura around him, along with Zarbon and Dodoria, confronts Gohan, and Krillin arrives and the two both retreat. Frieza orders Zarbon and Dodoria to chase after them. Old Kai, looking into the scroll, says Gohan and Krillin will have a hard time escaping, so he tasks the Future Warrior to help. Krillin orders Gohan to escape with the Namekian kid while he and the Future Warrior fight off Zarbon and Dodoria. Zarbon tells Dodoria he can handle this himself and that he should chase after Gohan. Dodoria does so and leaves, and Old Kai orders the Future Warrior to do enough damage to Zarbon so Krillin can find an opening and escape. When Krillin escapes, so does Future Warrior, and Zarbon chases after them. Gohan and Krillin escape, and Vegeta confronts Dodoria. Old Kai tells the Future Warrior to come back as history is intact, but the Future Warrior is suddenly confronted by Lord Slug. The Supreme Kai of Time realize that he, along with Turles, were pulled from another timeline and that they work for Towa and Mira. Trunks appears to help the Future Warrior, and Slug retreats while Trunks goes after him. Dodoria has been mysteriously powered-up, so the Future Warrior helps Vegeta defeat him. Back at the Time Nest, Trunks and his partner, the previous Future Warrior, officially introduce themselves to the Future Warrior. While the Future Warrior was being showered with compliments, Old Kai yells at them to not spoil him. The group realize that Mira and Towa are behind everything, pulling villains from different timelines to use them to sow chaos and cause anomalies in history.

In an unknown time and location, Turles and Slug are confronted by Towa, Mira, and a Masked Saiyan. Slug tells Mira not to order him around, as he is only cooperating to exact revenge on Goku. Towa hands the two each a Fruit of the Tree of Might, with its effects amplified. Slug and Turles take the fruit and leave.

Back in Age 762, Jeice and Captain Ginyu strike poses in front of Gohan and Krillin; Captain Ginyu had stolenVegeta's body. The group realize that this is Towa and Mira's doing, and Trunks says he will chase after them. The Future Warrior travels to when the Ginyu Force first appear, and while Captain Ginyu delivers the Dragon Balls to Frieza, the Future Warrior helps Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin fight the mysteriously powered-up Guldoand Recoome. Later, Recoome is defeated by Goku. The Future Warrior then helps Vegeta and Goku fight Burter and Jeice. Goku thanks the Future Warrior for saving Gohan and Krillin. Suddenly, Turles appears, and gives Burter and Jeice the amplified Fruits of the Tree of Might, causing them to power up exponentially, then leaves. Burter is eventually defeated, and Goku senses someone unknown to him approaching. Captain Ginyu arrives, having stolen Trunks' body. Trunks apologizes for his body being stolen. While Captain Ginyu has mysteriously powered-up, Goku and the Future Warrior fight him and Jeice; Captain Ginyu scolding Jeice for deserting his post in their fighting pose, as Jeice did not expect Captain Ginyu to return in another body. Trunks, in Ginyu's injured body, appears and helps Goku and the Future Warrior fight Captain Ginyu and Jeice. When Captain Ginyu is cornered, he tries to change bodies with Goku, but Trunks gets in the way of it, gaining his body back.

Turles appears again and holds Goku in a Full Nelson, allowing Captain Ginyu to switch bodies with him. Goku, in Ginyu's body, along with the Future Warrior, fight Turles and Captain Ginyu. Captain Ginyu, impressed with Turles' actions, recruit him into the Ginyu Force, but Turles declines. When Captain Ginyu is beaten, he tries to switch bodies with the Future Warrior, but Goku gets in the way, gaining his body back. Ginyu, in his original body, tries this again, but a Namekian frog suddenly appears beside Goku and Goku throws the frog in the way, prompting Ginyu to switch with the frog. Turles, realizing he failed, retreats, and the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest.

Trunks is ashamed that he fell into Towa's trap, and he and his partner says they will go after Towa and Mira, leaving the Future Warrior to repair history. The Future Warrior appears to help Nail in his fight with a mysteriously powered-up Frieza. Nail tells Frieza about distracting him, but Old Kai and Supreme Kai of Time realize that Turles and Slug are getting the Dragon Balls. With Nail defeated, an angry Frieza heads towards the Dragon Balls. Turles confronts Gohan and the Dragon Balls, with Krillin defeated. Slug appears, and when the Future Warrior appears, the two agree to a truce and eat the Fruit of the Tree of Might to power up. The Future Warrior and Gohan fight the powered-up Turles and Slug. Slug, amazed at his power, tells Turles that he is next, but Turles tells him not to be too cold and they should stick together. Krillin wakes up, and the Future Warrior tells Gohan and Krillin to leave this to him, and they retreat with the Dragon Balls.

Turles and Slug realize the fruit they ate has been tainted by Towa's dark energy, and the two become empowered and transform into an even more powerful Villanous Mode. While the Future Warrior fights them both, Trunks and his partner appears. Trunks trusts in his partner to deal with Mira and Towa as Trunks helps the Future Warrior fight Turles and Slug. After the two are defeated, Trunks goes out to help his partner, and the Supreme Kai of Time tells the Future Warrior to go help Gohan and the others, as they are currently fighting Frieza. When the Future Warrior shows up, Frieza had already transformed into his Final Form, and has mysteriously powered-up. The Future Warrior helps Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo and Vegeta fight him as Goku should be arriving soon. Vegeta is then defeated by Frieza, and the Future Warrior fights him alone until Goku appears, who eventually hits him with the Spirit Bomb.

Piccolo is defeated and Krillin is killed by Frieza, and Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan. Together, Goku and the Future Warrior fight off Frieza, who eventually tries to destroy Namek's core. Suddenly, Cooler appears, and both him and Frieza in their Villanous Modes fight Goku and the Future Warrior. Cooler's appearance in this time proves that history has been completely altered. Eventually, Cooler transforms into his Final Form and Frieza into his 100% Full Power form. Cooler is defeated, and Frieza notices that Porunga has been summoned, but Goku blocks him. Goku thanks the Future Warrior, but tells him that he wants to finish it himself. The Future Warrior complies and leaves. Elsewhere, Trunks is injured by Mira, and when the Future Warrior appears, Mira retreats. Trunks orders his partner to chase after him, while he and the Future Warrior return to the Time Nest. The Masked Saiyan, watching from afar, also retreats.

Cell Saga 

In Age 767, Cell, in his Villanous Mode, has defeated Piccolo and Android 16. Android 17 charges towards him, but Cell uses Solar Flare to blind him and Android 18 and knocks them both out. Cell then absorbs them both one after the other, attaining his Perfect Form. Trunks, watching this from the scroll, realizes that Cell is not supposed to absorb them both at once. Trunks offers to help the Future Warrior as he is familiar with this part in history. The two travel to Age 767 during Piccolo's fight with Android 17. The Future Warrior helps Piccolo fight a Villanous Android 17. Their fight is interrupted by the arrival of a Villanous Cell, and the two fight him along with Android 17 and Android 18. When Piccolo is defeated, Android 16 advises the two to leave as he will deal with Cell. Android 16 is originally supposed to be equal with Cell, but since Cell has powered-up from Villanous Mode, the Future Warrior helps Android 16 fight him. Cell then sneaks behind Android 17 and absorbs him.

Trunks tells the others about Cell reaching his Perfect Form and opening the Cell Games, but notices one participant that should not be there: Mira. Trunks offers the Future Warrior his help. While the Cell Games commences with the fight between Goku and Cell, Mira is confronted by Trunks and the Future Warrior in another location. At the Cell Games, Goku has surrendered and calls for Gohan to fight. Towa then appears and disappears along with Mira. Trunks notices that Cell's power has shot up due to Towa's magic, and says he cannot help the Future Warrior anymore due to the present Future Trunks being at the Cell Games. The Future Warrior goes to the Cell Games and helps the Z-Fighters fight the Villanous Cell Jr. Eventually, Android 16 is destroyed by Cell, and Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan 2. While Gohan fights Cell, Trunks tells the Future Warrior to dispose of the remaining Cell Jr.

Suddenly, a wormhole appears in the sky, and a group of Meta-Coolers confront the Future Warrior, saying they will also participate in the Cell Games. The Supreme Kai of Time advises Trunks to help the Future Warrior, saying if he goes through the wormhole, he won't be seen by Gohan and the others. Trunks does so and after the Meta-Coolers are defeated, they retreat into the wormhole. As history is repaired, Gohan is left to fight Cell. The wormhole leads to Planet Namek, where the Future Warrior is confronted by more Villanous Meta-Coolers. Trunks soon arrives to help him, saying he programmed a self-destruct sequence in the Big Gete Star's computer. Trunks and the Future Warrior hold off the Meta-Coolers until they are all destroyed.

Trunks returns to the Time Nest while the Future Warrior returns to the Cell Games to help Gohan fight a Villanous Cell, who has returned in his Super Perfect Form after self-destructing himself. Gohan and Cell collide with their Kamehameha attacks, with Gohan overpowering Cell and destroying him. With history restored, the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest.

Trunks is recalling the events in his alternate timeline, having discovered the dead body of Future Gohan and becoming a Super Saiyan. As even that time in history is being altered, The Supreme Kai of Time asks Trunks if he understands, as this is a sensitive time in history from him. The Future Warrior arrives to help Future Gohan fight a Villanous Android 16, who should not even exist in that timeline. When he is defeated, they are then confronted by Mira. Trunks, growing impatient and worrisome, appears in his Super Saiyan form, despite The Supreme Kai of Time and Old Kai telling him not to. When Mira is defeated and retreats, Future Gohan meets Trunks and asks if he is from the future, realizing that Future Bulma managed to build her time machineand tells Trunks he is proud of him. Future Gohan says that the Androids are attacking the city, and Trunks says he will go with Gohan to fight, knowing history would change for the better if he does. The Supreme Kai of Time pleads for him not to as Trunks would change the entire course of history and that he is acting out of emotion. Future Gohan realizes that since Trunks is all grown up, the future turns out to be safe, and his final fight with the Androids has a purpose, telling Trunks not to abandon the Future Warrior as his friend. Trunks tries to follow Future Gohan as he flies off, but the Future Warrior stops him. The two return to the Time Nest, and the Supreme Kai of Time thanks him for being there to stop Trunks. Trunks takes a break as Old Kai offers to watch over the scrolls in his place.

When the present Future Trunks returned to his alternate timeline after the Cell Games, he is confronted by the Villanous Android 16. Even though Future Trunks is supposed to be more powerful than him, he is having trouble, and the Future Warrior appears to help him. Eventually, a Villanous Future Cell appears, in his Perfect Form, having absorbed the future Androids. Future Trunks is surprised at this and due to his knowledge, Future Cell realizes he went to the past. When Future Cell and Android 16 are defeated, Future Trunks says it's finally over, and turns to thank the Future Warrior, who had already returned to the Time Nest. Trunks appears and apologizes for his actions, thanking the Future Warrior for stopping him.

Majin Buu Saga 

Supreme Kai of Time announces that Tokitoki has finally laid its egg, explaining to Trunks and the Future Warrior that as Tokitoki controls time, its eggs marks the dawn of an entirely new timeline. The Supreme Kai of Time calls for a celebration, offering to cook, but Trunks, knowing she is a terrible cook, stops her by asking if they can celebrate later. The Supreme Kai of Time agrees as Trunks' partner is not with them. In an unknown time and location, the Masked Saiyan gives Towa Babidi's Energy-Suction Device full of energy, which Towa uses to empower Mira and the Supervillain Broly and Janemba standing behind him.

In Age 774, a Villainous Broly appears while Goku is fighting Majin Vegeta, and the Future Warrior appears to fight Broly. When Majin Vegeta knocks out Goku and begins to fight Majin Buu, the Future Warrior defeats Broly and helps Majin Vegeta as Majin Buu enters Villainous Mode. Majin Vegeta knocks out Trunks and Goten, telling Piccolo to leave with them. As the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest, Majin Vegeta blows himself up with the Final Explosion.

The Future Warrior later arrives to help Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and Piccolo fight a Villainous Super Buu. When Gotenks defuses, the Future Warrior fights Super Buu as Old Kai says that Gohan will soon arrive after his full potential has been awakened. Gohan arrives and the Future Warrior helps him fight Super Buu, but suddenly Supervillain Broly appears. The Future Warrior fights Broly to prevent him from interfering with Gohan's fight. When Broly is defeated, the group learn that Vegeta is unable to return to Earth because he is being held up in Hell. This is an anomaly in history as Vegeta cannot come to Earth to eventually fuse with Goku. The Future Warrior leaves Gohan to fight as he makes his way to Hell to help Vegeta.

The Future Warrior goes to Hell and sees Trunks defeated by Supervillain Janemba. Trunks offers to help, but cannot due to Vegeta being in the vicinity. Vegeta then appears and helps the Future Warrior fight Janemba. Vegeta destroys Janemba with a Final Flash, and thanks the Future Warrior, who had already returned to the Time Nest. As Trunks is resting, the Future Warrior must fight in his place. The Future Warrior then arrives to the final fight with Kid Buu, helping Vegeta fight Supervillain Kid Buu while Goku charges the Super Spirit Bomb. With the Super Spirit Bomb fully charged, Goku uses it and destroys Kid Buu, restoring history. With the heroes resting, the Future Warrior spots the Masked Saiyan and chases him, and they both disappear.

Battle of Gods Saga 

In Age 778, the God of Destruction Beerus is talking with Goku after their fight about Goku absorbing the powers of the Super Saiyan God. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of the Future Warrior and the Masked Saiyan. The Future Warrior fights the Masked Saiyan, partially shattering his mask. Trunks recognizes the Masked Saiyan, revealing he is Bardock. Mira then appears and fights the Future Warrior. As Beerus grows impatient, Mira tells him to stay back, mouthing off to him. Beerus grows angry and prepares to destroy everything, and the Supreme Kai of Time sends in her surprise: pudding that the Future Warrior gives to Beerus. The Supreme Kai of Time says Beerus can have that pudding if he doesn't destroy everything. Beerus accepts the pudding and offers everyone some. Goku and Whis accepts, while Mira and Bardock retreat. Beerus and Goku eat the pudding, but find it disgusting as the Supreme Kai of Time says she made it herself. Beerus grows extremely furious and powers up, and Whis asks the Future Warrior to help with subduing him. Beerus calms down and says he will have no more of the Supreme Kai of Time's cooking, and leaves with Whis. Goku thanks the Future Warrior as Earth is safe.

Resurrection 'F' Saga 

The Future Warrior arrives in Age 779 to help the Z-Fighters fight the resurrected Frieza and his henchmen. Together with Jaco, the Future Warrior fights off several of Frieza's henchmen in their Villanous Modes. With the defeat of his henchmen, Frieza himself fights the Future Warrior. Goku and Vegeta then arrive and Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue while Frieza transforms into Golden Frieza. The sheer pressure from their power levels cause interference in the Time Nest's communication as the Future Warrior helps Goku fight a Villanous Golden Frieza. Eventually, a Villanous Meta-Cooler appears to help Frieza, and Vegeta transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue and joins in the fight. During the fight, the Supreme Kai of Time appears to ask for Beerus and Whis' help as Mira and Towa are attacking the Time Nest, enticing them with cream puffs. They agree and leave. With Frieza defeated, he quickly destroys the Earth but not before Trunks appears to save the Future Warrior.

While Beerus and Whis are in the Time Nest, the Supreme Kai of Time says that Towa impersonated her to lure them away from Earth, so that Whis could not perform a Temporal Do-Over to restore Earth as he did in the correct history. Whis, Beerus and the Future Warrior return to where Earth is supposed to be, and Whis performed a Temporal Do-Over, rewinding time to right before Frieza blew up Earth, allowing the Future Warrior to stop him. Goku thanks the Future Warrior, and he, Goku and Vegeta begin to fight Supervillain Golden Frieza and Meta-Cooler. When the two are defeated, Goku offers to help the Future Warrior should he ever need it, and the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest.

Beerus is annoyed by Towa's actions, asking to destroy the Time Nest. Whis, learning of Tokitoki's egg hatching, says he will not allow Beerus to do so, offering to spar with him to relieve stress. Whis then offers the Future Warrior to join them. While the Future Warrior and Beerus fight with Whis, Whis draws his symbol on Beerus' forehead. Beerus leaves to go wash it off as the Future Warrior fights and defeats Whis alone. With Beerus content, he and Whis leave everything to them and they leave.

Xenoverse 2 Finale 

With things calm, a little too calm, the group decide to investigate Bardock's disappearance from the original timeline and save him from Towa's mind control. Trunks and the Future Warrior travel to Age 737, moments before Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta. Before Bardock is killed by the attack, he is sucked into a wormhole. Towa and Mira appear, and Trunks and the Future Warrior chase them. They arrive at Earth in an unspecified point in time, and Towa appears along with the masked Bardock in Villanous Mode. Villanous Mira appears to help Bardock. When they are both defeated, Bardock's mask is shattered, and Towa traps Trunks and the Future Warrior in a wormhole slowly sucking them into a separate dimension with no way out. They are saved by Bardock, who woke up and pushed them out of the wormhole by blasting them. Bardock, free from the mind control, traps Mira in a full nelson. Due to Bardock gaining power from being under Towa's control, Mira is unable to free himself from Bardock's hold. Bardock powers up, telling them to never underestimate the power of a Saiyan, and he drags Mira along with him into the wormhole leading to the separate dimension. Towa then reveals her trump card, Trunks' partner wearing a mask and being under Towa's control. Trunks and the Future Warrior are forced to fight the mind-controlled Future Warrior. When the mind-controlled Future Warrior is defeated, Towa decides to start a clean slate, making Trunks' partner vanish out of thin air, along with the memories of the Future Warrior vanishing from everyone's minds. Trunks and the Future Warrior return to the Time Nest with Bardock's broken mask as their only clue, not remembering the other Future Warrior.

Trunks puts the pieces together and begins to remember back when he wished for the Future Warrior to appear in Age 850. Before he could do so, Towa appears and quickly destroys Shenron. Due to this change in history, the Time Nest begins falling apart. The Future Warrior quickly travels to that point in time and prevents Towa from destroying Shenron, beginning to fight her as the Trunks from that timeline helps him. After Towa is defeated, she disappears, and the Future Warrior returns to the Time Nest. Towa suddenly appears in the Time Nest, knocking down the Supreme Kai of Time and taking Tokitoki's egg. Mira then appears and fights off Trunks and the Future Warrior. When Mira fires a ki blast to finish off the Future Warrior, he is saved by the previous Future Warrior, who takes the attack. Mira and Towa jump into a wormhole, and the Future Warrior jumps in after them, after being inspired by his predecessor.

At the ruined city in the unspecified point in time, the Future Warrior fights the Villanous Mira. During the battle, Mira begins to overheat from his immense power, and he grows insane. Towa tries to calm him down but fails, and is forced to help the Future Warrior subdue him before his core overloads and destroys the entire universe. When Mira is defeated, Towa tries to take out his core to repair it, but Mira stops her and grabs her by the throat. Mira betrays Towa and says he has grown past her schematics and proceeds to absorb her into his being, along with the Tokitoki egg she is holding, attaining his true form. With Mira too powerful, Old Kai pleads for the Future Warrior to retreat, but as Mira attacks the Future Warrior, he is saved by the arrival of Goku.

Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan Blue and helps the Future Warrior fight Mira, explaining that Whis brought him to this time and he is glad to be able to repay the debt he owed the Future Warrior. The two fight a long and fierce battle against Mira. Eventually, Mira's power begins to fluctuate. Seeing an opening, Goku uses Dragon Fist on Mira, and yells for the Future Warrior to finish Mira off with his own Super Kamehameha. As Mira is being destroyed, he laughs and wished he could have fought more, asking Towa to forgive him.

At the Time Nest, history has been restored and things are once again peaceful. Whis, Beerus and Goku prepare to head back to their era, but not before participating in a huge banquet in Conton City.

List of Masters

Techniques and special abilities

  • Flight – The ability to levitate with the use of ki.
    • Dragon Dash - The ability to create an aura to enhance flight speed.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of ki attack.
  • Maximum Charge - The ability to gather ki to utilize maximum power. 
  • Angry Explosion - An explosion of pink energy with wide range
  • Final Kamehameha - A powerful energy wave which combines Final Flash and Super Kamehameha. The Future Warrior was shown to be using Final Kamehameha in the trailer.
  • Bending Kamehameha - An energy wave that changes direction if needed.
  • Super Kamehameha - A more powerful version of the Kamehameha.
  • Super God Fist - A powerful punch with enormous force to the face.
  • Super Destructo-Disc - A more powerful version of the Destructo Disc. He is shown using this more powerful technique in the demo.
  • Special Beam Cannon - A powerful energy wave created by Piccolo.
  • Meteor Crash - A rush attack used by Goku.
  • Consective Energy Blast - A combination of many energy waves, much more powerful than the average ki blasts, and fired at a very rapid rate.
  • Afterimage - An ability to move so swiftly that an image of the user is left behind.
  • Full Power Energy Blast Volley - A variation of the Full Power Energy Barrage Wave.
  • Instant Rise - A variation of Rapid Movement.
  • Bomber DX -
  • Evil Explosion -
  • Light Grenade -
  • Destructo Disk -
  • Double Sunday -
  • Masenko -
  • Rise to Action -
  • Orin Combo -
  • Evil Ray Strike -
  • Evil Rise Strike -
  • Scatter Kamehameha -
  • Giant Storm -
  • Super Explosive Wave -
  • Spirit Slash -
  • Instant Rise -
  • Super Back Jump -
  • Arm Crash 
  • Genocide Shell