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Cookie, Sugar, Spice, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar & Butter are the girls that Peter hires to work at Peter's Wife's Cookies in "Baking Bad". Peter's selection of the girls is based on all of their names having to do with cookies.

After being told by Quagmire that sex sells, Peter employs the girls to work in bikinis to save the struggling store despite Lois' reservations. However, Peter allows things to get out of hand when the shop soon becomes a strip club that merely distributes cookies.

Cleveland Brown is especially friendly with Butter.

Peter has to use half of the store's windfall of cash to bail out Cinnamon's kid.

When the store becomes a full-fledged strip club, Sugar entertains the customers by writing words on her body with frosting.

After Lois leaves in disgust at the antics, Peter throws up while eating frosting off of one of their stomaches, discovering that they all consider him fat and old. He makes Lois a personalized cookie, but suggests they don't eat it since Butter helped and she has Chlamydia fingers.

Lois convinces the Quahog National Bank manager, Cookie Monster to take back the loan in exchange for the shop where he happily muches on Cookie's breasts.