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Real Identity: Courtney Whitmore Affiliations: Justice League Appearances: Field Trip, Mxy's Mix-Up, Supernatural Adventures in Babysitting, The Ringer (Hallucination), Harley Goes Ape!, and Party Animal Appearances (Webisodes): Chemistry, Mint Condition, and Driver's Ed Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes and Wields Cosmic Staff Voiced By: Natalie Lander 

Stargirl is a teenage superhero who wields the Cosmic Staff which provides various super powers. She was recruited to join the Justice League and went through training. Batman gave her dossiers on allies and enemies to memorize. Batman and Superman brought Stargirl with them on a ride along when they responded to Gorilla Grodd's attack on the United Nations Building. Batman was the stern taskmaster and told her to be specific in evaluating an active threat. Stargirl observed 30 to 40 gorillas armed with ray guns and recalled reading about Grodd in the Justice League files she was required to read. Superman interjected and told Stargirl every Leaguer had their first day and everything would be fine. Batman told her to remember her training and to neutralize her foes with efficiency and ruthlessness. Superman added to have fun and enjoy the work as well. Stargirl stood on her staff like a surfboard and entered the fray. She decked a soldier with the staff but let her guard down to taunt them.

Another soldier grabbed her from behind and lifted her above its shoulders. Batman jump kicked the gorilla. Stargirl apologized but Batman insisted on situational awareness then apologies later. Batman and Superman used their "Caged Heat" move to capture Grodd and his army with super heated flagpoles. Mr. Mxyzptlk appeared and protested the battle's end. Stargirl found him cute but had no idea who he was. Batman recalled he was among the dossiers. She thought his name was a typo. Mxyzptlk snapped his fingers and gave her a white beard. Batman's profile of him further annoyed the imp and he freed the gorillas. Stargirl declared he was a "little mxyed up." Mxyzptlk got an idea and played musical chairs with their minds. Stargirl's mind ended up in Superman's body and Batman's in Stargirl's. She accidentally flew and took a chunk out of the United Nations Building but saved Superman from a gorilla then crushed his hand helping him up. She apologized then accidentally used heat vision. Superman instructed her to think cold thoughts.

Stargirl thought of icicles, Minnesota, then Batman's disapproving glare. The heat vision stopped. Batman quickly adapted to Stargirl's body and was easily taking out Grodd's soldiers with the Cosmic Staff. He still fell prey to the volatile emotions of a teenage girl. Stargirl experienced super allergies and blew away several gorillas as she flew backwards into a bush. Superman didn't think fighting Grodd was working and wanted to deal with Mxyzptlk. Stargirl suggested back up then named Firestorm specifically. Batman thought she deduced his dual personality would come in handy and summoned Bravo Squad then told them to bring Firestorm. Mxyzptlk switched their minds as well and laughed at all the mischief he created. Professor Stein ended up in his head and infuriated him with constant psychoanalysis so much so that he got tricked into saying his name backwards. He was banished back to his home dimension and the League was restored to normal. Grodd and his army was defeated soon after. Batman commended Stargirl on her quick thinking and left. Superman knew she didn't come up with the plan. Stargirl admitted she just wanted to meet Firestorm. Superman promised to keep her secret and flew off.

Firestorm, Blue Beetle, and Stargirl were given a tour of the Fortress of Solitude, selected to be a secondary headquarters of the Justice League, by Superman to famililarize themselves with the security systems and layout in the likelihood something happened to the Watchtower. During the tour, they passed by the "zoo" and Stargirl was instantly smitten with a three eyed red alien kitten. She picked it up out of its exhibit and took it with her. Superman was accidentally sent into the Phantom Zone after the kitten jumped on the Phantom Zone Projector's console. Firestorm tried pushing the other button on the Phantom Zone Projector's console. Instead of Superman, Zod, Faora and Quex-Ul were freed. With time running out, Stargirl tried to keep the others on task with stopping the criminals from getting outside and getting superpowers from the sunlight. Blue Beetle and Firestorm remembered Kryptonite was a major weakness of all Kryptonians. With little knowledge of Firestorm's powers, Stargirl asked him to use his "nuclear magic" to make Kryptonite.

Firestorm tried to explain what his super power really was and its limits but the criminals found them. Stargirl, Firestorm, and Blue Beetle found a piece of Kryptonite but it was too small to affect the criminals. Quex-Ul blasted the ceiling and caused a partial collapse. Firestorm found the Kryptonite piece and studied its atomic structure so that he could create Kryptonite with his ability. Stargirl and Blue Beetle attempted to buy Firestorm time and fought Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul outside. Blue Beetle generated shields while Stargirl powered up her Cosmic Staff. She blasted Faora then Quex-Ul in the face. Zod faced them alone and took them out. Firestorm returned to the battle just in time and generated Kryptonite from his hands, taking down Zod, Faora, and Quex-Ul just as they were preparing to use heat vision on Blue Beetle and Stargirl. He fashioned Kryptonite chains and bound the criminals while he and Stein fixed the Phantom Zone Projector then freed Superman. The clean up started. Stargirl was still in love with the alien kitten, now giant-sized.

Firestorm and Stargirl were assigned to stake out a tech firm that would likely be the fifth in H.I.V.E.'s 24 hour crime spree. Firestorm tried to make small talk and Stargirl asked him what he liked. Firestorm heard Stargirl was into smart guys and tried impress her by throwing out things he heard of and things Professor Stein was into. He blurted out molecular gastronomy and Stargirl admitted she liked it, too, but she soon realized he had no idea what it was. H.I.V.E. soldiers arrived and set off an explosion. Stargirl pounced one and starting blasting at the others, while drawing up a force bubble. She also used her staff to lift soldiers with psychokinetic gestures and toss them. Distracted by Firestorm, Stargirl lost her staff to one of the soldiers. The soldiers got the upper hand and surrounded them. Firestorm transmutated the ground under them into pudding and they sank like quicksand. Firestorm returned her staff to her and admitted he didn't know what he was talking about. Stargirl tried some of the pudding then asked if they would meet up again the same time tomorrow for a stake out and kissed him on the cheek.

Batman and Stargirl fought several thugs in a warehouse. Stargirl was preoccupied with checking the time to make sure she was on time for her latest babysitting gig. At 7:25 pm, Batman inquired if she was texting. Stargirl clarified she was just checking the time. Batman implored her to keep her mind focused. A thug jumped off a crate at her but she used the staff to envelop him in a bubble then spun him around at high speed. Stargirl then told Batman it was a babysitting job. Batman elected to finish things up on his own. Stargirl declared he was the best and flew off. Back in her civies, Courtney rode her staff to the job, tapped the doorbell then retracted the staff and placed it in her backpack. Mr. Anderson thanked her for coming and set off for an auction in 12th century antiquities downtown. Anderson's son, Timmy, was excited to see her and nearly knocked over a 1200 year old vase. Courtney caught the vase. Anderson reiterated that's why he hired her. After he left, they started a game of hide-and-seek.

Things got complicated when Klarion and Teekl arrived in search of the Magdalene Grimoire. Klarion tricked Timmy into hiding and counting to 8000 in order to get a smartphone then posed as Timmy to distract Courtney while Teekl searched for the grimoire. Courtney found him in the study knocking things off a mantle. She barely caught them all with her hands and feet then noticed "Timmy" up on a high bookshelf tossing books out. Teekl nearly revealed its presence but "Timmy" jumped into her arms and claimed he was hungry. Courtney took him to the kitchen to make him a sandwich. Teekl kept bringing the wrong thing. Courtney thought his outbursts were being directed at her. She finally had enough micro-managing and told him he was being out of line. She noticed Teekl and chased it into the study. Klarion sighted the grimoire and was beside himself. Courtney picked up "Timmy" and asked him to wait outside. Klarion revealed himself and threw a wave of flames. She rolled out into the hall just in time. Batman received a call.

Courtney took and uploaded a photo of Klarion to the Batmobile. Just as she finished changing into Stargirl, Batman arrived with Constantine. Stargirl mistook the latter for a hobo. Once they entered the study, Teekl transformed into a humanoid female form and stole the Cosmic Staff. To make matters worse, Klarion drew up a magic barrier. Constantine eventually broke through with a Japanese spell. Stargirl secured Timmy but he panicked. She pulled up her mask. He calmed down once he realized who she was. Teekl charged Stargirl but she used the staff to slam it into a bookshelf then pulled at the grimoire with the staff. Klarion pulled back with all his might. She blinked at Timmy then disengaged the staff. Klarion slammed the book in his own face. Stargirl floated the book to Constantine. Klarion and Teekl were dragged through a closing portal by a strange beast but Stargirl was more concerned with the giant mess. Constantine cast another spell and returned the study back to the way it was before the battle. Mr. Anderson didn't suspect a thing until Timmy showed him a smartphone Batman gave to him. Courtney promised to call Constantine next time she needed some hobo magic then flew away seated on her staff.

Stargirl and Batman went to Cyborg's quarters in the Watchtower and learned from Cyborg that Toyman broke in and turned his collection of Bot Bots into weapons. Cyborg scrambled and took blasts of the Cosmic Staff and destroyed Batarangs before they could hit any of his Bot Bots. Cyborg instructed them to gently put each one back in their boxes. Toyman revealed he armed one with explosives powerful enough to destroy the Watchtower. Cyborg appealed to his shared love of Bot Bots and pointed out he armed a Generation Three international 1982 Bot Bot, one of five in existence. A true lover of them, Toyman couldn't go through with his plans. Together, they geeked out about a playset. Stargirl asked if they should arrest him. Batman decided to leave and pretend nothing ever happened. Stargirl responded to a rampage in Metropolis and stopped a car from landing on civilians. She hailed Superman on comms and asked him to come quick. He was weakened by a blast of Kryptonite beams from Titano's eyes. Stargirl lifted Superman with the staff and took him to safety.

Superman came up with a solution against the beams and asked Stargirl to keep the civilians out of danger until he returned. She told the crowd to get to cover but realized everyone was already gone. She tried to fight Titano but was knocked into a jewelry store that was being robbed by Harley Quinn. Stargirl declared she was under arrest. Harley found her adorable and pointed out there was a bigger crisis at hand. She kissed Stargirl goodbye on the cheek and walked to the exit. Stargirl immobilized her with the staff but Titano reached in and grabbed Harley by accident instead of her. Stargirl observed Harley singing to Titano before he tossed her. Stargirl flew after her but Superman returned and caught Harley. Superman, in a lead suit, tasked Stargirl with watching Harley while he engaged Grodd and Titano again. Stargirl inquired about the singing. Harley told her about when she used to study behavioral zoology at S.T.A.R. Labs where she met Titano. Stargirl offered her a handkerchief. Harley blew into it three times. Stargirl didn't take it back.

After Superman's suit was damaged and he was blasted with Kryptonite again, Stargirl used the staff to hurl four construction vehicles into the cracked globe where Grodd resided atop Titano. It finally shattered and Grodd fell out. Titano regained control of his faculties and tossed Grodd across the city. Stargirl checked on Superman and raised her staff but realized Titano was innocent. Police helicopters opened fire. Titano fled with Harley and climbed the Daily Planet. Stargirl noticed a giant teddy bear from the roof of a toy store and got an idea. She levitated it up to the Planet but it wasn't enough. Harley implored her to sing the special song. Stargirl gave in and sang. Titano calmed down a hugged the teddy. Stargirl was stuck between the teddy and Titano's arms. Stargirl tried to practice for her Space Driver's License road test with the help of Space Cabbie. As she navigated an asteroid belt in the Space Cab, Cabbie advised her to accelerate and merge like he said. He told to relax and assured her she was doing fine.

Cabbie remembered the cab's blindspot and swerved the cab. Stargirl thought it was hopeless and she would never get the license. Cabbie tried to pep talk her and told her she needed to stop worrying about the things around her and focus on something ahead of her. Stargirl decided she was content with flying on her own and wanted to pull over so they could switch places. She noticed Zilius Zox trying to pry open a Space ATM and wanted to stop him. Stargirl turned around and pulled her Cosmic Staff on him. Zox fired a missile contruct at them and attempted to flee the scene. Stargirl took off and handed the staff to Cabbie then instructed him to shoot out the engines. Cabbie noted it was just light and blasted Zox instead. Zox's ring was knocked loose. It sensed great rage in Stargirl's heart and told her she belonged in the Red Lantern Corps. Stargirl could only say it was shiny and her eyes turned red. Cabbie put the power window up then hit the gas. Stargirl returned to normal. She aimed the staff and blasted the ring away from Zox then pushed a button on the console. A grappling hook was fired from the trunk, wrangled Zox, and reeled him back inside. Cabbie had no idea the cab could do that. Stargirl asked Cabbie if they could practice parallel parking the next day.

Stargirl attended Green Arrow's Christmas party on Christmas Eve.