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The Crab Khan are one of the nine tribes of the Shadowkhan. They were summoned by the Oni General #7 or the wearers of his mask.


The Crab Khan are one and a half times taller than a regular human, they have long legs and incredibly well-built bodies. The wear black suits that entirely covers them. They have one glowing, red eye. The Crab Khan are the only asymmetrical Shadowkhan tribe as their left arm have crablike pincers while their right arm have stabbing claws and no pincers.


In Half a Mask of Kung-Fu, they originally appeared as split in half, because of the breaking of their mask in two. Valmont controlled the half with the head and stabbing claw, while Jade controlled the half with no head and crablike pincer. They eventually join together when the two mask halves meet.

Powers and Abilities

These Shadowkhan are extremely powerful, even when split in half, and show great strength, fighting ability, and agility.

Just like all Shadowkhan, they can turn into and travel through shadow and have the ability to phase through solid matter.


The Crab Khan are made of shadow. With a strong hit their body could be destroyed and they would end up in the Shadow Realm to regenerate.

There are also various spells that can destroy them with a single shot.

Since the Shadowkhan are just servants to the Oni or an Oni wearer and not actual living creatures with thoughts, they can be easily tricked or distracted.

Because of not being able to talk, they cannot communicate with each other or the person who summons them.


Season 4

  • Half a Mask of Kung-Fu
  • Ninja Twilight