Cuddles is a raccoon that Hayley decides to raise in "Vision: Impossible". But when Roger starts having visions of the future, Cuddles is ignored and left in the basement with protein powder and exorcise equipment from an attempt by Steve to work out and become a jock.

Roger returns after three weeks in a coma and finds that the Smith family has refused to leave the house without his guidance after he pranks them into staying behind and they only leave when he fakes a vision of their safety. Outside, an electrical worker drops a power line in the yard as the sprinklers come on and birds are electrocuted as the Smiths return to the house. Hearing a noise from the basement, they discover that Cuddles has gotten into the protein powder and worked out to become a monster. The family decides to spend their remaining days in the bathroom as Roger tries to talk them into taking some risks. Trying to flee, Steve is attacked and strikes Cuddles with a hammer. Cuddles has a vision of dying and being buried in the back yard and runs out of the house to escape, being electrocuted just like the birds earlier and is buried just as he envisioned.

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