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Cupid is a minor one-time character who appears in the episode "Be Mine". He is the mascot of Valentine's Day.


During Valentine's Day, Robin is relaxing when Starfire introduces Cupid Baby. At first, Robin remarks that he is pretty cute, but then he gets shot by one of Cupid's arrows. Starfire thinks it is funny, and she follows him around while holding the baby so he can harass Robin with numerous arrows.

At the Valentine Day's dance, when Raven is fighting with Terra, Cupid shoots her in the butt with an arrow, and a rock crushes her. She insults him, but that aggravates him, and she gets another arrow to the face.

The Cupid Baby makes a second appearance in the episode "The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic". The Titans set out to search for The Easter Bunny when he goes missing. The Titans then decided to investigate and ask other holiday icons. While Starfire and Raven questioned George Washington, Robin, Cyborg, and Beast Boy questioned the Cupid Baby for answers. Robin asked him a few questions but it went unsuccessfully. Robin became frustrated and yelled at him. The Cupid Baby shot all three of them with his love arrow. Robin, continuing with the investigation, said his arrows have no effect. Robin then began making googly eyes at Cyborg and comments how strong he was. Flattered, Cyborg started staring at Robin lovingly back. Robin quickly snaps out of it and continues the investigation questions but then Cyborg comments how can he with the presence of these good-looking guys around him (inferring Robin and Beast Boy). Robin and Beast Boy falls under the spell again which caused them to all lovingly stare at each other.

Physical Appearance

Cupid is a young toddler with a little brown hair. He wears a sash that says LOVE, as well as a white diaper. He is also equipped with a small, purple crossbow with pink arrows for continually shooting Robin. His arrows did not make anyone fall in love.

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • Be Mine

Season 3

  • The Teen Titans Go Easter Holiday Classic


  • While Cupid never appeared in the original Teen Titans series, he did make an appearance in the comic Stupid Cupid.