This Invasion took place during the movie Justice League War

Element of Surprise  

New insight on the rash of terrifying abductions Plaguing Gotham City. Warning, this footage may be too mature for younger audiences. Is this the mysterious Batman Who's been spotted in Gotham?

So what's it doing in Gotham? Witnesses spotted this thing Trying to plant some kind of bomb downtown. When the cops confronted it, it spewed fire from its mouth.

For Darkseid. Some kind of death cry. It wanted to take us with it, All to protect this. Someone is strategically placing these boxes. We have to find out who and why before it's too late.


Desaad, what do you have to report From our agents on earth?Sire, the powerful one has found a mother box, The one they mistakenly call Superman. And? These defenders have sprung up like antibodies To protect their planet. We are in danger of losing The element of surprise, my lord. I humbly ask that you move up your timetable. Let the invasion begin.


  • Green Lantern vs. Parademon
  • Batman vs. Parademon
  • Green Lantern and Batman vs. Superman
  • Wonder Woman vs. Parademon
  • Shazam vs. Parademon
  • Cyborg vs. Parademon
  • Green Lantern vs. Darkseid
  • Shazam vs. Darkseid
  • Wonder Woman vs. Darkseid
  • Flash vs. Darkseid
  • Batman vs. Superman


It doesn't scan like a bomb, More like an alien computer.

We need to know more about this thing. Nothing on the markings or the design, Sarah? No, dr. Stone. Dozens of tests, And we're still unable to learn a single thing. We know less now than when the flash Brought it to us days ago. Maybe we'll catch a break with the metal scan.

It's broadcasting some kind of signal, And we've tracked similar signals Emitting from coast city, Gotham, and Metropolis. Then it's talking to someone.

Darkseid is transferring data to those metal cubes. They call them mother boxes. They're creating portals, boom tubes. I just have to speak their language.