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Demon is a minor supporting character in Teen Titans Go! who first appears in the episode Driver's Ed. At its introduction, it is depicted as being "evil" as Raven was in the process of banishing it to another dimension before being interrupted by Robin, but somewhere along the line they seemed to have become friends and Raven's pet/little buddy.


The Demon is a black, winged creature with white eyes and pupils, resembling a ram. It is seen being shot with a blast of psychic energy by Raven. Supposedly, Raven was trying to make it go back to the demon world but was interrupted by Robin. It recovered from from Raven's blast and slithered out of the portal. Later in the episode it is seen eating a seagull and then plays a major role in dragging Ed back with it to the demon world. In "Staff Meeting," Raven finds Robin's staff to be useful for her because she easily whacked the Demon back into its portal with it.

Raven has apparently made friends with it and it has now become her "little buddy", as it fought against Pain Bot for her in the "Little Buddy Showdown" in "Little Buddies."

Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • Driver's Ed (debut)
  • Staff Meeting (cameo)
  • Little Buddies

Season 2

  • Knowledge (cameo)


  • It is still being debatable whether the Demon is an ally or enemy of the Teen Titans.
    • Raven tries to banish the Demon two times. ("Driver's Ed", "Staff Meeting")
    • It is known to eat a number of helpless animals, including Ed, and cause havoc around Jump City.
    • It appears to become Raven's little buddy in "Little Buddies" and follows her instructions.
    • It appeared in the Cartoon Network game: Titans Most Wanted.