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A member of the Justice League.


Robin is the teenage partner of Batman. Both joined the Justice League of America but Batman kept Robin at an arm's length. Robin has longed tried in vain to prove his worth. In a battle against the Legion of Doom, Robin disobeyed direct orders and overrode the autopilot to save Batman from Bizarro by ramming the Batwing into him and destroying a satellite and Toyman's rocket ship in the process.

Back on Earth, Robin settled in the mission room in the Hall of Justice. In boredom, he resolved to play a computer game but Karate Kid and Dawnstar broke into the building. Robin flagged them as intruders and attacked. Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman broke up the fight and figured out what was going on. The Justice League tried to stop the Legion of Doom from changing the past but were erased by the Time Trapper. Karate Kid and Dawnstar undid that and Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman attempted to defeat the Trapper. Batman was propelled into the giant portal but Robin grappled his leg. Dawnstar managed to stun Time Trapper with her light energy and he dropped his power source, the Eternity Glass. Robin quickly grabbed the Eternity Glass and ran for it as Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman held off Trapper. Under Karate Kid's instruction, Robin turned the hourglass over and re imprisoned Time Trapper.


The Batwing is a modified jet used by Batman and Robin. While primarily used to traverse the planet Earth, the Batwing is also capable of spaceflight. In the battle against the Legion of Doom to prevent them from manipulating glacier formations, Batman and Robin took off into space with Superman and Cyborg to destroy Captain Cold's satellites. Instead of allowing Robin to take over, Batman switched the Batwing to autopilot to deal with Toyman. Robin observed Batman in danger and took control of the Batwing then flew it into Bizarro. The jet and Bizarro rammed into a satellite and blew up.