Dimension X is the home dimension of The Kraang, Kraang Prime, Lord Dregg, Traag andGranitor. Here, this military-dominant place threatens to take over other dimensions and turn it into "another Dimension X."

The laws of physics there are different from Earth. Also, the air in Dimension X is a very dangerous gas that is Nitrogen mixed with Sulfur and water that has hydrocarbons that can melt everything in the Dimension of Earth.

The Kraang's ultimate goal is to mutate the Earth so that the atmosphere is identical to that of Dimension X. This would make it habitable to them and deadly to any other form of life.

There are also some dangerous monsters that live in Dimension X (example: Traag, Granitor, Sheldon,Kraathatrogons).

Dimension X appeared very briefly in the episode Showdown, as well as the Kraang Homeworld.

Dimension X appeared again in Wormquake, this time with a colorful view.

The Turtles travel to Dimension X in Into Dimension X after Mikey gets trapped inside to save Leatherhead.


Alien Visitors

  1. Michelangelo(2012 TV series)
  2. Donatello (2012)
  3. Leonardo (2012)
  4. Raphael(2012)
  5. Leatherhead (2012)
  6. Kirby O'Neil
  7. Kirby O'Neil
  8. Tiger Claw
    • Newtralizer
    • Slash (presumably as seen in Newtralized!)
    • Fugitoid
    • Human Kraang Zombies (As slaves of the Kraang)


  • Floating Islands
    • Crystal Forests
  • Kraang's bases
  • Asteroids
  • Planet Sectoid
  • Homeworld of the Triceratons (Destroyed)


  • The Turtles need a breathing machine or tube to go to Dimension X because Dimension X has no oxygen like the Mobile Homeworlds of the Triceratons in the Mirage Comics and the 2003 Series.
  • Time passes faster in Dimension X.
  • The gravity of Dimension X can sometimes take us back to where we came.
  • The chemical formula for the atmosphere in Dimension X would be N2•S8•H2•(CnH2n+2/CnH2n/CnH2n-2) because the air is made of:
    • Nitrogen: N2
    • Sulfur: S8
    • Water: H2
    • Hydrocarbons, which mainly consist of either:
      CnH2n+2 (General formula for Alkane),
      CnH2n (General formula for Alkene) or
      CnH2n-2 (General formula for Alkyne).


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