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Dinah Laurel Lance grew up in the shadow of her late mother's exploits. Lance trained judiciously and became a superb athlete and warrior. She was also born with a metagene that gave her the ability to project sound in the form of vocal screams which were nicknamed the Canary Cry. Ready to take on the mantle of her mother, Lance became Black Canary.

Batman recruited Black Canary for an eventual expansion of the Justice League. Black Canary came to the aid of Batman when Superwoman, Captain Super, Uncle Super, and Captain Super Junior teleported into the Watchtower in search of the Quantum Trigger. Captain Super Junior knocked Firestorm unconscious and was about to kill him when Black Canary snuck up on and hit him with a point blank Canary Cry.


  1. Harley (Crisis on Two Earths)


  1. Archer
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