Xianb Wiki

The Sorcerer Supreme.Protector of Earth against mystical threats.


  • Dormammu has been unleashing his mindless ones and flying demons across the city. And his attacks are only intensifying.We must send them back to the Dark Dimension. If I can generate enough power to create a portal 


  • It takes years to master traveling spells.
  • Sweep Floors
  • Dust Shelves
  • Vacuum
  • There is no greater lesson then the one found in the Mundane.
  • Mr.Lang, the mystical arts are not parlor tricks.The magical realm requires knowledge that would shatter the minds of most mortals.

My magic skill took years to perfect. Technology can't replace it.

Super Powers

  1. Chakras Realign
  2. Demon Banishing
  3. Flight
  4. He could have enough residual dimensional energy for me to open a gateway and get him back home.I cannot bridge our worlds. This is but a window.
  5. I can only hold the portal open for a limited time before the damage is irreversible.Goblin's throwing off the balance because I'm not the Spider-Man who counterbalances him.
  6. I sense a great and powerful danger here.
  7. Potion Making
  8. Telepathy
  9. Teleportation


  1. Admonit Edium
  2. By the Bogs of Bardeaux!
  3. By the Flames of the Faltine!
  4. By the flaming tower of Radomaski!
  5. By the Ruby Rings of Raggadorr,I bind and contain thee!
  6. By the Ruby Rings of Raggadorr,and this bubblegum,I bind and contain thee.Return to the chamber from whence you escaped.
  7. By the traveling tempest of Danaughey!
  8. By the Wandering Mists of Brittanthany!
  9. By the Warrior Whips of Jefallen
  10. By the Winds of Watoomb!
  11. Ceekeatar Cinsatta Cincinnati
  12. Cinsatta Cinsatala
  13. Extranous Epilorum
  14. Idiculoom Cartartus
  15. Intrambi coaxium
  16. I summon the Chains of Krakkan 
  17. I summon the Daggers of Denak 
  18. Lorus Thweem
  19. Merkava Vee
  20. Mystical Energy Sphere
  21. Nagana Sarana Banana
  22. Seravata Kasala
  23. The cross-world winds of Wantoon!
  24. Vapors of Valtorr

Magic Items

  1. Book of Thoth
  2. Chain of Astaroth
  3. Eye of Agamotto
  4. Seal of Illium
  5. Siege Perilous
  6. Talismans Mystical Walkie Talkie
  7. The lesser Book of Vashanti
  8. Web of Realities