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 know, but How about axel or-or-or maximilian or dex, you know? It's-it's got to have an "x" in it because 'cause that means I have cool parents Who take me on expensive ski trips on spring break And I get to drink wine with dinner, Even though I'm only 14, and (rings doorbell) Oh, my god! I know that sound! That means there's a potential intruder at the front door Or one of my pals. Either way, I'm really excited And ready for anything! Hello? (chuckles) Hello, my name is blake carrington. Aw. And this is my human, gabe. Oh, no. What? We just moved in down the street And thought we'd stop in and say hi to our new neighbors. Well, great to meet you. Come on in. I'm peter. This is my family. My wife lois. My son, chris-- chris, stop licking yourself And come up and say hi! My daughter meg. Our puppy stewie. And this is our human brian. Nice to meet you. "say hi to human brian, blake," Says gabe. Hi. Mommy, I want to play with the new human. Only if it's okay with blake. Uh, yeah, sure, it's fine. Gabe is great with puppies. I swear to god, I hope the next universe we go to Is all koreans. I know who you are, stewie. I beg your pardon? I've perfected multiverse travel, as well. In fact, I've figured out How to navigate with absolute precision. Really? I haven't. We've been jumping randomly from one universe to the next. Did you have the "shuffle" button on? Oh, my god. There you go. That's why that little symbol Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. The two crossed arrows There it is. Is up there in the corner. There's your problem. Oh, my god. I feel silly. But I can't do anything about it. My device has been destroyed. Well, I've got one of my own. I can use it to send you back. Hold on, I'll get it. (doorbell rings) Oh, my god! Who is it? I got it! Morning, peter. Hey, joe. Bonnie and I are having company tonight, Wondering if I could borrow some wet food. Yeah, sure thing. That's joe. He's our local human catcher. So don't misbehave or the human catcher'll come after you Gabe. My name's not gabe! (growls) Ow! (screams) Oh, you're in big trouble, you little crap! Boy, you shouldn't have done that, little fella.