Hank and Don Hall are two brothers with opposite personalities and philosophies. Hank is the more aggressive person and Don is more reflective and empathic. The two were unwillingly subjected to an experiment conducted by the Lords of Chaos and Nabu(Doctor Fate). They were given super powers and became the superhero duo known as Hawk and Dove. Hawk and Dove are more famous for constantly bickering with each other. Their attitudes are reflected in their fighting styles. Hawk is always ready to jump into a fight while Don looks to defend himself and understand his opponents.

Amid a war between two alien races, the Controllers and the Warlords of Okaara, Batman decided to intervene and broker a peace. He brought Hawk and Dove along. While Batman disabled the warships in space with his Batmobile's Alien Nullifier Beam, Hawk and Dove were tasked with handling the ground troops. As predicted, the duo turned the war into a personal competition to see who could take down more soldiers. Even after the peace treaty was signed, they were still fighting each other. Months later, the brothers were taken over by a pair of Starro clones.

Powers and Abilities



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