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Black Siren was the only female member of the Justice Guild of America.


Black Siren, along with the rest of the JGA, died during a nuclear war. She was mentally "revived" by Ray Thompson, who missed his childhood idols.

Black Siren felt that, as the team's only female member, it fell upon her to perform the household chores and duties. The fact that Siren went about her domestic duties with a smile on her face was doubly-disgusting to Hawkgirl, though Hawkgirl played along so the Justice League could find answers and get to the bottom of the case.


Black Siren is based on the Golden Age version of the character Black Canary, Dinah Drake. Originally debuting as a supporting character in a Johnny Thunder strip, Black Canary eventually became a member of the Justice Society. The second Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance, is her daughter. Unlike her daughter, she does not have the famed Canary Cry.