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Dot Pyxis The top officer in charge of Trost and the entire southern territory, and the man given full authority for the defense of humanity's most vital region.


He's never been one to make much sense.

And visiting this basement will make everything clear? Yes Do you believe me? Seeing as you, yourself, are unable to provide validation, for now I'm simply keeping it all in mind. But I do believe I can tell when someone is being sincere or not. I will personally guarantee your safety. Cadet Arlelt, was it? Yes, Sir! Earlier, you mentioned that with this so-called "Titan ability" it would be possible to retake this city. Do you truly believe that? Or was that just a desperate plea for your life? Well Both. I was going to suggest that Eren, in Titan form, could take that giant rock and use it to block the wrecked entrance. It was just an idea I came up with on the spot I just wanted them to see the possibilities of Eren's ability and how it could help solve the situation we're in Of course, I was desperate to survive, too! "Desperate to survive" There's nothing more credible than those words. What do you say, Cadet Jaeger? Sir? Can you plug the hole? Well Uhh I'm not sure. Right now, I don't really understand any more than the rest of you. Maybe I can. Maybe I can't. I don't know. I don't feel I can risk giving an irresponsible answer Ah, yes. My apologies. I asked the wrong question. Will you do it or not? I'll do it.

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