1 [DR.
JANE FOSTER] The Avengers are alive.
I know for a fact that the Cabal didn't disintegrate them.
They just teleported them away far, far away.
I discovered a way to back-trace the missing Avengers through space-time.
I can send you to them.
These tethers are your lifeline back.
Find the Avengers, then activate the tether to come home.
Don't activate your tether until you've found them.
[BEEPING] You will only have one shot at this.
Good luck.
Whoa, whoa, whoa-ho, whoa, whoa! No one said there would be any falling! [WHINY YELL] Okay.
Looks like I'm here.
I think.
Whoa! Tell me I did not just travel through time.
This looks like 1930s New York.
[GASPS] Except Arnim Zola's running the place.
I'm in a world run by Arnim Zola? [CAR APPROACHING] Uh-oh! Gotta go small or go home! [GRUNTS] And Ant-Man is safe! Not really safe, so much as Ant-Man not squished.
[TIRES SCREECHING] It's New York, all right.
But how? I need to find the missing Avengers and figure out how and why Arnim Zola's in charge.
Wherever he goes, evil Hydra goons can't be far behind.
[TIRES SCREECH] [GRUNTS] I tell ya, these yeggs are everywhere.
We're never gonna get the apples at this rate.
[BOTH GRUNT] Hawkeye [GRUNTS] how long do you plan to keep talking like this? I don't know.
How long we got, pally? [BRAKES SCREECH] [ANT-MAN YELLS, GRUNTS] I was on a Hydra car? Explains why they ran all those red lights.
Is that It is them! Black Widow and Hawkeye! Hold on! [BLOWS LANDING] Huh? Well, look what the cat dragged in.
- Ant-Man.
- Elevator, going down! [YELLS] Hello.
What have we [GRUNTS] Whoa! [GRUNTS, GROANS] - Hail Hy [GRUNTS] - Captain America! [WEAPON COCKING] Take cover, soldier! [GRUNTS] Aw! This kind of thing never happened to my old shield.
Ant-Man, see if you can get to it.
[GRUNTS] Hey, Hydra goon! [SINGSONGY] This is me distracting you.
[GRUNTS] This last one's still kicking.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [GROANS] Well, Cap, what's the good word? - Did it work this time? - We got what we came for.
Then let's make tracks, boys.
Ooh, nice use of the lingo.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
So we're not in 1930s New York? [CAPTAIN AMERICA] As far as we can tell, this is another world in space-time known as Dimension Z.
It used to be a pocket world with free citizens.
But now it's ruled by Arnim Zola.
That explains all the Zola poster art everywhere.
Zola captured us when we arrived, but we escaped.
Ever since, we've been running a guerilla campaign to bring him down.
And this is the doohickey that's gonna do it.
We're building this antenna arrow with pieces Cap grabbed from the radio tower.
You don't have to worry about that anymore.
Now that I found you, I can bring you guys home.
Foster built a trans-dimensional tether.
I just need to hit both buttons, and we are off.
[BEEPS] [BIG BAND ON RADIO] Uh, guys, I'm here to rescue you.
I don't even get a smile? We're not going anywhere, short pants.
Not yet, at least.
Arnim Zola has the people of Dimension Z under his iron boot.
We can't just abandon them and leave him in control.
We have to free them, and that means freeing the entire world.
Of course.
No problem.
Arnim Zola runs the grid here.
I can just whip up a quick EMP, zap all the electronics, - and bye-bye bad guy.
- It's not that simple.
Zola's wired into everything in Dimension Z, including the people.
Those little thingies on their necks.
Zola has cybernetic implants in everyone.
The populace follows Zola's orders, or he'll fry them.
An EMP would risk hurting the people we wanna save.
Only one way to stop Zola.
This doohickey.
Are you still doing that? What? I'm just trying to use the lingo.
Talk like a local.
Zola's link has to be severed at the source.
It's the only way to free the people.
[STATIC ON RADIO] [ARNIM ZOLA] Free them from what? [LAUGHING] Freedom is a lie, star-spangled fool.
How did he find us? [BEEPING SOFTLY] [HAWKEYE] Scott's the hot potato.
One of Zola's gunsels must've tagged him.
[SINGSONGY] Peekaboo.
I see you.
[NORMAL VOICE] All of you.
So this is the hole where the Captain and his compatriots have been hiding.
But it's my world, and I cannot allow your little clubhouse to exist.
This is a raid! [THUNDEROUS THUD] [WEAPONS COCKING] Destroy them! Destroy them! Avengers, send the party crashers out! [GRUNTS] You heard Cap! [GRUNTS] - Out you go! - Tiny insect! Hope you're thirsty! [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] Bronx Bum sliding into home plate! [GRUNTS] Obnoxious archer! I'll see you suffer for that.
[GRUNTS] And it's not "Bronx Bum.
" It's "Brooklyn Bum," ya wet sock.
"Wet sock"? Oh, I'm totally using that.
[GRUNTS] [ALL GRUNTING] More coming.
We need to bust our way outta here.
[CRYING OUT] Hawkeye! [GRUNTS] I'm pinned down! [GRUNTING CONTINUES] I've got him! Oh, no, Mein Captain.
You can't help the archer.
You have your own problems.
[CRYING OUT] Hold on! Teeny-tiny help is on the way! [GRUNTS, GROANS] Scott! [GRUNTS] Wunderbar.
You can do nothing without this, can you, little insect? Bring them! And evacuate this den of criminals! It appears to be, uh, structurally unsound.
They've got Cap and Hawkeye! Wait.
[GRUNTS] You can't just go running off! [GRUNTS] Zola's eyes and ears are everywhere.
We need to be stealthy and inconspicuous.
I can do stealthy and inconspicuous when I have my helmet.
Which Zola now has, which means I have no tech, which means I have no powers.
You were a thief before you were Ant-Man.
And from what I read in the files, a pretty good one.
You read my files? All of them? Mm-hmm.
And very good.
I was very good.
But it's still easier to sneak around when I'm, you know, ant-sized.
You'll just have to fall back on your very good thief skills.
You can do it.
It'll just be a little hard work.
Yeah, but I hate hard work.
[HYDRA ENFORCER] Master Zola has ordered us to take their weapons to the vault and prepare these two for assimilation.
Zola probably took Cap and Hawkeye back to his headquarters, which is bad because we've never been able to find it.
How is it possible you've never found Zola's headquarters? Too busy staying ahead of his bully boys.
Then, too busy trying to fight back.
Zola has a lot of scary buildings.
We don't know which one is his base.
An entire world that he molded himself, and he made it the 1930s? Huh.
Throwback to a quieter, simpler time? No.
Throwback to before Captain America kicked Hydra's butt.
That makes sense.
[BUTTONS BEEPING] I'm not getting any signal that I can trace back to Zola.
No Wi, no Fi.
This whole old-timey thing is a pain in my But if Zola's not using wireless, then things have to be wired.
Like hardwired.
Like actual wires carrying Arnim Zola's signals.
Better roll up our sleeves, because we're about to get our hands really dirty.
A control freak like Arnim Zola is gonna have all this linked to some central hub.
So if we can follow the pattern of the city's wiring [BLACK WIDOW] It'll lead us right to Zola's secret headquarters.
I'll die before I submit to you, and we both know it.
But will you sacrifice someone else in your stead? Hey, Zola, you are hideous.
But I bet you hear that from everyone you meet.
[SCREAMING] Hawkeye! Arnim Zola, you let him go! Cap, forget about me.
Don't give Zola a thing! [SCREAMING] A few more jolts will be the end of poor Hawkeye.
Oh, if only someone might help him.
Shut it off, Zola.
I won't let my friends be hurt because of me.
I had a feeling you would come around to see it my way.
[CRIES OUT, GROANS] Cap, don't! I'm buying you time, Hawkeye.
Forget me, but save everyone else.
We don't have a moment to lose.
[ELECTRICITY ARCING CONTINUES] What are you doing to Cap? You will see soon enough, archer.
You will all [CRASHING] What? Interlopers! [GRUNTS] We gotta get Cap out.
Not this time.
You are too late.
Doughboys, keep them away from the Captain.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] [GRUNTING] He got my weapon! Welcome to the party.
Some tall, ugly goon took our gear when we got here.
Natasha! One-two punch! One! Two! Doughboys soft in the middle, fried on the outside.
Keep these things busy.
Yeah, sure.
We'll just form a conga line or something.
[GRUNTING] Sulfur, coal, potassium nitrate, diamonds, for some reason [GRUNTS] What is that insect doing? Just doing a little science, a little chemistry, a little homemade rocket.
Natasha! [GRUNTING] Huh? [GRUNTING] Three, two, one, blastoff! N-N-No! Ughh! [BLACK WIDOW] Hurry! Get Cap outta there! It's okay, Cap.
We gotcha.
Everything's gonna be [STATIC] Yes, please, archer, go on.
"Everything will be" Everybody okay with me throwing up now? Tiny minds.
Such limited scope.
Do you not see? No more robots.
No more computers.
My consciousness has now melded with a strong body, one that will never burn out! [BLACK WIDOW] Cap, if you're still inside there, fight Zola's control! Hail Hydra.
[LAUGHING] The assimilation process is nearly complete.
Soon Armin Zola will be the true übermensch.
I shall rewrite history here in Dimension Z.
There shall be order.
There shall be perfection.
The world of Arnim Zola shall be law! Dream on, Zola.
You are too afraid of hurting your precious Captain.
While I have no such compunction.
[YELLS] [GRUNTS] We have to stop this fast, or else Zola's going to have Cap's body permanently! [LAUGHS] Working on it! [BOTH GRUNTING] [BOTH GRUNT] Still waiting on that plan.
- Still working on it.
- Amazing! Exhilarating! To think the Captain had such raw physical power, but his brain never received the right impulses to use it.
[GRUNTING] Oh, hey.
Didn't see you there.
[GRUNTS, YELLS] Tall, ugly goon, just like Hawkeye said.
[GRUNTING] Hey! His words, not mine.
[CHUCKLES] [BOTH GRUNTING] I bet you're a decent sort of guy when you're not being evil.
I've been fighting bigger guys all my life.
[GRUNTING] Fighting and winning.
Jackpot! [GROWLS] Hold that thought.
[GRUNTING] [ZOLA] As a little one, I could only dream of growing up to be big and strong and perfect.
The dream has now become reality.
[GRUNTS] You can never defeat me.
[BOTH GRUNT] I am the world's greatest soldier but without his morals, without his restraint.
Jeez, I wish you'd restrain your mouth.
You gonna talk us to death, or Arrow delivery.
[GROWLS] [LAUGHS] Now we're cookin' with gas.
[GRUNTING] [YELLS] [GROANS] Ouch! Right in the kisser.
Do your worst.
You have no idea what a super-soldier is capable of with a superior mind in command.
You can never defeat Captain America.
[GRUNTS] [CAPTAIN AMERICA GRUNTS] - Hawkeye, get set! - Set! [GRUNTS] [GROWLS] What? [STATIC] I'm no doctor, [GRUNTS] but these cybernetic implants'll have to go.
Besides, the future is wireless.
You cannot do this! Not to me! Not to [CAPTAIN AMERICA] me! Aahh! [EXHALES] That was pretty awful.
[SHIELD CLANGS ON GROUND] So, did Zola just burn himself out? Zola had an ant problem.
Did I just save Captain America? Whoo-hoo! I think I did! I think I just saved Captain America! Whoo-hoo! Tiny dance time! Ugh! Whoo [LAUGHS] Ant-Man! No! Your minds are truly as tiny as your insect friend.
And I will crush you, just as I did him.
Stick to the plan and end this.
Don't let Ant-Man's sacrifice be wasted.
Bah! I may be back in this cold, metallic shell for the moment, but your body will be mine again! Then come and get it.
[GRUNTING] [ZOLA] I will crush you! Break you! Not on your best day, Zola! [GRUNTING] Good to go.
You cannot defeat me.
It was never about beating you.
It was about freeing the people of Dimension Z.
Hawkeye, now! [GRUNTS] [BEEPING] Huh? [STATIC] [STATIC STOPS] [CHUCKLES] It didn't activate.
Failures! All of you, failures! [LAUGHS] I will [STATIC] - I will [GRUNTS] - [ANT-MAN] Hey, big face! Ant-Man! Getting my hands dirty.
[GRUNTS] Show's over, Zola.
[STRAINING] [ALTERED VOICE] Ring-a-ding-ding.
[ALTERED VOICE 2] I'm no stool pigeon.
Scram, kid.
Ya bother me.
[ALTERED VOICE 1] I didn't come here to be insulted.
[ALTERED VOICE 2 LAUGHS] That's what you think! [NORMAL VOICE] Ants Ants inside me! [WHIRRING] Stop! Get out of there! Ant-Man! [WHIRRING INTENSIFIES] No! Nooooo! You actually did it.
We did it.
That antenna arrow was a nice bit of tech, Hawkeye.
Oh, and, uh, I grabbed a little souvenir on my way out.
Armin Zola's mind right here on this chip.
Looks like Zola couldn't get by with the low-tech thing either.
Arnim Zola's control, and this shield, are no more.
[CITIZENS CHEERING] [GRUNTS] [SHIELD PIECES CLATTER ON GROUND] [DESCENDING WHIRRING] [ANT-MAN] This all would have gone a lot easier if we'd had some actual modern tech.
[BLACK WIDOW] We did something great here today.
Dimension Z is free.
[HAWKEYE] Yeah, little buddy.
Take the win.
Please don't call me "little buddy.
" Always try to leave a place better than when you got there.
Let's go home.

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