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Doctor Aloysius James Animo, is one of Ben's enemies, a mad scientist obsessed with genetic experiments on humans and animals. He first appeared in Something I Ate and is one of the recurring villains in the reboot series.


His appearance is similar to his appearance in the original series, just with minor changes such as his skin no longer has the greenish-tint. His attire is mostly the same, except that he doesn't have the head gear with the antennae.


Dr. Animo is stereotypically an insane mad scientist with delusions of grandeur. His aim in life is to live up to his father's legacy. 

Powers and Abilities

Animo is a genius and brilliant scientist, skilled in both machines and genetic experiments. He originally used a 'transmutator ray' that mutated animals which he could use for his errands. Some examples are the Alphas : Napoeleon, Madcow, Boxer and Wolfen Sheep. Another one is Slurpstack. Some of his mutated animals were weak and useless. He named them Accidentals and had them work for the Alphas. Nugget, Minitaur, Goatadacyl and Chinzilla were the Accidentals.

Later, he got inspiration after his seeing Ben Tennyson and his Omnitrix, and created the 'Animerger' that mutates humans with animal DNA. He considered the Animerger as his greatest invention. It was however, destroyed by Ben later in the episode.


Animo's biggest weaknesses are his temper, arrogance and all around crazy behavior.


Ben 10

  • Something I Ate (first appearance)
  • The Beast Inside
  • Forgeti


His name comes from the word 'animal' as his powers are animal-related.


  • Unlike his original series' counterpart, he cannot telepathically control his animals/mutations. However, his mutations in the reboot series are intelligent, can understand what Animo speaks and most of them can even speak (for example the Alphas and the Accidentals). Therefore, Dr. Animo orders them by plain speech instead of telepathy and they obey his orders.
    • There are also some of his mutations that are independent and don't obey him. An example is the Ground Hawg.

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