Dr. Quintum is the world's foremost eccentric zillionaire daredevil. Inspired by Superman, he resurrected the DNA P.R.O.J.E.C.T. and directed it towards engineering new forms of mankind. In recent time, Quintum was voted "Best Dressed Man in Metropolis" by the public. On his latest venture, Quintum promised to bring back a spoonful of the Sun. The mission was jeopardized by Lex Luthor and saved by Superman. After telling Superman he was dying, Quintum was filled with remorse for playing an indirect role in the matter. At Superman's request, he agreed to keep the news a secret. After Superman flew into the Sun, Quintum was summoned to Stryker's Island by Lex Luthor. Accepting his execution and the error of his ways, Luthor gave Quintum a complete map of Superman's genetic code and the method to replicate it.

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