The Barrier Between the Dream Dimension and the Real World

  • This is part of the Dream Dimension shaped by your Memories and Impressions.
  • The Dream Dimension can be disorienting.
  • You share a Conscious and the Dream Dimension operates by very different rules.
  • The Rules of Science do not apply in the Dream Dimension.
  • In the Realm of Dreams the Dreamer holds Power.
  • You can not simply cross over from the Dream Dimension. You must return to your physical forms. Walk the same path you arrived. Otherwise there will be dire consequences.
  • In this Dimension Nightmares Power is limitless.


  1. Dark Beaver
  2. Dave Beaver
  3. Dire Beaver
  4. Dread Beaver
  5. Dream Agent L
  6. Nightmare
  7. Sleepwalkers


  1. Agent Jay
  2. Beast Boy(Teen Titans Go!)
  3. Benito
  4. Bernie
  5. Bruce Wayne(Batman) (The Batman)
  6. Danny Fenton(Danny Phantom)
  7. Dick Grayson(Robin) (Teen Titans Go!)
  8. Doctor Stephen Strange (Earth-TRN123)
  9. Donatello (2012)
  10. Donatello (Dimension Third Earth)
  11. Dr. Bruce Banner(The Hulk) (Earth-12041)
  12. Jack Fenton
  13. Jade Chan
  14. Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton
  15. Joker (The Batman)
  16. Larva-M3-19(Silkie)
  17. Leonardo (2003)
  18. Leonardo (2012)
  19. Maddie Fenton
  20. Michelangelo(2003)
  21. Michelangelo(2012 TV series)
  22. Necro Monster
  23. Paulina Sanchez
  24. Peter Parker(Ultimate Spider-Man)
  25. Raphael(2003)
  26. Raphael(2012)
  27. Raven (Teen Titans Go!)
  28. Sam Manson
  29. Starfire(Teen Titans Go!)
  30. Tucker Foley
  31. Victor Stone(Cyborg) (Teen Titans Go!)


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