Real Identity: Dulok Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps Appearances: Heir Apparent Powers/Skills: Wields Power Ring Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

Dulok is a veteran warrior and Green Lantern who has protected Betrassus for many years and is beloved by its people. He came to respect Queen Iolande and would do anything to protect her claim to the throne. When Kothak claimed her hand and the throne, Dulok stepped forward to challenge him. He planned to win, turn over the throne to Iolande, and join Hal Jordan in his battle against the Red Lanterns. However, Prince Ragnar desired the power of a Green Lantern and to become king. He poisoned Dulok and hid his body in the castle's catacombs. Dulok's ring did not choose Ragnar and instead chose Queen Iolande.

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